Greater Orlando Area Service Committee
Group Report
ASC Date: 2020-10-11
Meeting Date: 2020-10-04

Members Present: 3

Location: Zoom 

Opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer. The 12 Traditions were read.

General Report

There were 3 members present. Finished up the loose ends for Octobers Virtual Speaker Jam. We have all but one speakers confirmed. Booked XL pavilion for Novembers "Love Lives in the Harvest" in person event at Mayor Carl T. Langford Park. Location was changed from prior location spoke about because when we went to go book it at the other location the information we were given was incorrecrt and was going to end up costing the area more. Pavilion cost was $127.35 including the insurance needed for the event. THIS EVENT WILL BE LIMITED TO 50 PEOPLE MAX AND WILL BE A TICKED EVENT. We will have food and beverages included with the ticket sale. This event will have speakers as well as time to fellowship. Information for tickets and hot to purchas them and also addition information for the event will be coming soon. Hold tight more will be Revealed. Next events to come will possibly be a new years event.



Concerns or Needs

We need Support. Please share with NA members the Activities Committee is in need of support. No clean time required to participate with the Activities Subcommittee. Great Committee for New Comers and members with time to get involved in. 

Upcoming Events

"Seasons of Change" Virtual Speaker Jam October 24th 2020 12-5pm and "Love Lives in the Harvest" November in person event November 21, 2020 

In Loving Service,

Millie B,Chair