Greater Orlando Area Service Committee
Group Report
ASC Date: 2023-09-10
Meeting Date: 2023-07-16

Members Present: 0

Location: Rosen Center

Opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer. 

General Report


Greater Orlando Area Service Committee of Narcotics   

Anonymous RCM Report for August 13,2023   


The next Regional weekend will be held September 15-17,2023 @Rosen Center Hotel @ 9840 International Drive, Orlando FL.    

  Old Business:   Nothing New To report since last Region.


Technology Resource Coordinator Report  

Calendar - For ease of use, there is a “submit an event” form on the events page. It allows anyone to submit an event through a form on the website.  

Even with a potential replacement, the Technology Alternate Resource Coordinator position would still be open. RCMs, please bring this back to your areas and inquire with your local tech gals/guys. Tell them to go to for more info.


Corrections Resource Coordinator Report  

Please be aware that working with the DOC does not mesh well with the spirit of rotation and does not sync up with the spirit of anonymity. These top-level projects are, Behind the Walls, Inmate Step Working Guide, Bridging the Gap, Hope Rises, and Between the Walls.  

Behind the Walls: taking meetings into and building home groups that exist behind the walls of state and federal correctional institutions. This includes literature delivery to institutions to support this effort. The end game for this project is to have the addicts behind the walls running their own meetings. Depending on the institution, there are varying levels of this occurring. The Inmate Step working guide group is alive and well and anonymously working steps through the mail with those behind the walls. This group is based out of the Gold Coast area. The last numbers I received in October was that around 30 addicts were working steps anonymously with this group. *The Bridging the Gap program is alive and well and addicts are being scheduled to meet those who are getting released at a meeting. Please bring up at your H&I areas if you would like to share your contact list with us for your area for this effort. The Between the walls program is moving forward. "Between the Walls" means you will be able to chair a Zoom meeting from the comfort of your couch where all the participants are behind the walls at a Florida institution. *" The Corrections workgroup meets every other Thursday from 8-9p over Zoom. The next meeting is Thursday, July 27th.  

The Zoom info is:

Meeting ID: 895 2489 1377 Passcode: 935507  

Please join the workgroup if you want to serve but not sure how. We have a secretary! Ashby S. from the. The next meeting is this Thursday at 8p. 

RD/AD Report 

VIRTUAL MEETINGS After years of discussion on the topic, the conference passed a motion: To acknowledge that an NA meeting that meets regularly in person or virtually can choose to be an NA group if they meet the criteria described in The Group Booklet, including the six points for an NA group, and are consistent with NA philosophy as expressed in our Traditions. Service bodies have always been able to recognize virtual groups if they wished to, but this decision reflects a Fellowship wide consensus. Footnotes will be added to The Group Booklet and A Guide to Local Services reflecting the decision of the WSC and referencing Virtual Meeting Basics as a possible resource. Virtual Service Basics has been selected as one of the focuses for the service tools project.  

NEW LITERATURE: Rather than drafting a new IP, the WSC decided to begin exploring a revision of The NA Step Working Guides. An edit, or simplification of the SWG could satisfy three of the ideas that were prioritized in the CAR survey:

1. WCNA 39:  

There are publications you can receive such as: Go to

Miscellaneous Stuff • NAWS: Instagram channel: 

Fellowship Development Leader Report  

Solutions to Home Groups not participating in Area Service Committee and not contributing their

Seventh (7th) Tradition to ASC

Disunity in Area between Groups.

Rotate ASC between groups locations.

Have common events equidistant. Find and focus on the common goal. Speaker meetings and look for diverse speakers. Ask new people to speak.

Potential Project Idea to create or revise literature that reiterates that

 If you are interested in a position, please complete the HRP Volunteer form or send an email to the HRP Leader at Open positions: Corrections Resource Coordinator H&I Resource Coordinator Technology Coordinator Technology Co Coordinator 1 HRP members Elections for these positions will take place in September. 

FRC Board Report

Registration for FRCNA 42 started immediately after the Saturday night speaker meeting.

So if you want that special pre-registration item go to and pre-register. We expect a slightly smaller crowd due to WCNA being held in Washington, DC next year, so we will be at Rosen Plaza. It is smaller than Centre or Shingle Creek. Obviously, we saw that Shingle Creek is just a little too big for us, the halls seemed empty this year. Because Rosen Plaza is a smaller venue, we will only sell 300 banquet seats this year. As you noted in the CFO report 217 have already been sold so get your tickets asap.  

Rosen Plaza 9700 International Drive Orlando, FL. Double occupancy rooms are $142/night.

$20 charge for additional guests above two per room. Self-parking will be $8 with in/out access. A link to book rooms is available on

New Business    

Proposal Number 2023-07-01 Maker: Tampa Fun Coast  

Proposal: Under Florida Regional Convention Guidelines/policies Florida  

Regional Convention Inc and Regional Service Office Inc Guidelines/policies under the Elections section Add “all Board Members/ Directors shall serve no more than six (6) consecutive years.”  

Spiritual Impact: Spirit of rotation Financial Impact: possibly 

Guide to Florida Regional Service Change: no FRCNA and RSO

Outcome of proposal to Table to Admin and FRC/RSO Boards  



All forms older than two years will be purged from the system on July 31,       

FRSC meetings will be in a Hybrid format indefinitely. If you would like to attend virtually on Zoom, please see information below, or visit for Zoom Links.    

Saturday GSR Assembly: or Zoom Meeting 843 0454 1072 Time: September 17,2023 9:00am    

Sunday FRSC Business Meeting: or Zoom Meeting 845 9148 0010 Time: September17,2023 9:00am    




see report

Concerns or Needs


Upcoming Events

World Convention will be returning to Washington, DC, 29 August – 1 September 2024 

In Loving Service,

Your RCM Team, Biff K. and Gladys S.