Greater Orlando Area of Narcotics Anonymous

Serving Orange, Osceola, Lake and Seminole Counties of Florida

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2023-12-04 Flyer Upload
New meeting Spiritual Principles corrections
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2023-12-03 Flyer Upload
New Meeting
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2023-10-13 Website Request
Hi There, I am new to East Orlando. My husband and I moved here from South Florida where I am originally from. My husband is from Orlando. I just want to make sure and verify all the meetings online are accurate? Before I head to these addresses next week and forthgoing? Right now I have set to attend for Saturday 10/14/23 Eastside Recovery Group In person 7pm-8pm, Sunday I will do a virtual meeting. I would like to have a consistency meaning. Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturday and Sunday meetings a list of where I can attend located near me. If the website is accurate then I am fine. I also called the 24 hour 407 hotline number listed on the website . It seems to provide for that day a list of meetings. If everything is accurate then I am good to go. I live in Alafaya, 32828 Sincerely, Samera Hamilton
no action required
2023-10-10 Flyer Upload
Please upload Still Working On It\'s holiday event flyer.
Request Complete
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2023-10-10 Website Request
Under ASC Reports/New ASC Report/Create ASC Report - please create a new Subcommittee in the Subcommittee drop down labeled PR-Phoneline or Public Relations-Phoneline. This will make it clear that the two are now one Subcommittee. Thank you - Jim Dwyer 321-246-7039
put Public Relations-Phoneline as a report option
2023-10-05 Meeting Change
This meeting will stop meeting after 10/12/23. please note this on the meeting list. The meeting will dissolve at area this month.
meeting deleted
2023-09-18 Website Request
how do I join virtual beings?
did not require action
2023-09-10 Flyer Upload
Please upload Just For Today 38th Anniversary flyer.
Request completed
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2023-09-03 Flyer Upload
Add Unity Convention Flyer
Request complete.
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2023-08-25 Meeting Change
Moving location to 1655 peel ave Orlando FL 32806 starting in September
changed to the new address