Virtual Meetings

In light of the community response to COVID-19, homegroups in the Greater Orlando Area have been coming together to form virtual meetings to allow addicts to stay connected, primarily using the Zoom platform. We are currently adding new Zoom meetings almost daily so please check back frequently for updates. Please bear with us these first few days as we start the list from scratch. We are all learning together through this.

You can access Zoom meetings via:

  • Computer with a webcam/mic
  • The Zoom App on your smartphones
  • Dialing in with a traditional phone

Click here for instructions on how to join Zoom NA meetings

Each meeting will have a link you can use to access it via web browser or Zoom app. They will also have a meeting ID you can use if dialing in by phone for audio only. If this is your first time, try logging on 15 minutes early to test your audio/video.

If dialing in, dial 1-646-558-8656, then enter Meeting ID, then hit #.  Then hit # again.

Or try the one-tap mobile option and the Meeting ID will be entered for you.

With a large amount of in-person meetings closed right now, support through 7th Tradition Donations has been limited in our Area. We offer a virtual alternative using PayPal:

*** Any homegroup interested in starting a local virtual meeting, or looking to get added to this list – please email the Google Group ( and Thank you! ***

Date/TimeNameHow To Connect
7 Days A Week 8:00 PMStill Working on It
Zoom ID 4073217964
SUNDAY 6:30 PMSunday Skool
Phone Dial-In +1.408.317.9253
Meeting ID: 133 112 725
SUNDAY 6:30 PMSister Soul Sunday
Meeting ID: 902 221 2717
MONDAY 7:00 PMThe NA Way
Meeting ID: 998256498
MONDAY 7:30 PMChanging Through The Steps
Meeting ID: 561 168 099
MONDAY 8:00 PMBelieving In Miracles
ID 5681542526
TUESDAY 8:00 PMBy The Book
Meeting ID: 209 697 100
Meeting ID: 131 984 239
Password: 013882
WEDNESDAY 7:00 PMRainbow Recovery
Meeting ID: 617 095 369
THURSDAY 7:00 PMA Train To Somewhere
Meeting ID: 967 525 055
Password: 9284
Friday 7:00 PMThe Only Game In Town
Meeting ID: 676-392-7328
Saturday 12:00 PMMiracles at Noon
Zoom ID# 933-300-4476