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  1. Michele M says:

    Moved Event Flyers to Old Flyers:
    Unidos Hotel Info 9/13/19
    Never Ever 3 Years 9/24/19 @ 7pm

    Posted JFT 34th Anniversary 11/2/19 @ 2pm flyer to Events

  2. SethK says:

    Posted JFT 34th Annual Celebration to calendar.

  3. SethK says:

    Posted Never Ever Group Anniversary to calendar.

  4. SethK says:

    Removed Hurricane Dorian notice from homepage.

    Posted Radical Recovery Group Celebration to calendar.

  5. Michele M says:

    Posted Radical Recovery Cookout 10/12/19 @ 11am flyer to Events

    Moved International Night 8/17/19 flyer from Events to Old Flyers

  6. SethK says:

    Posted Greater Orlando Area and Central Florida Area Speaker Jam to calendar.

  7. Michele M says:

    Moved FRCNA Merch Table Monitor flyer from Events to Old Flyers

  8. Michele M says:

    Posted Speaker Jam flyer to Events

  9. Michele M says:

    Posted New NA Meeting flyer to Announcements

  10. Michele M says:

    Posted IT’S PARTY TIME flyer 7/11; removed 7/12

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