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  1. Michele M says:

    Moved Activities Subcommittee Meets 2nd Thursdays @ 6:30 pm flyer to Old Flyers

    Posted Activities Subcommittee Meets
    1st Sundays @ 5:00 pm flyer to Announcements

  2. Michele M says:

    Posted out-of-area flyers to Events:
    –Forest Area 30-Year Celebration (7/28/18)
    –Bay Area 37-Year Party Back to the 80’s (8/18/18)
    –Forest Area Retreat Serenity in the Forest II (11/2-4/18)

  3. Michele M says:

    Posted No Matter What NEW LOCATION 7/17/18 flyer to Announcements

  4. Michele M says:

    Moved Helpline Subcommittee Meets 3rd Saturdays @ 2:00 pm flyer to Old Flyers. Info contained old address.

  5. Michele M says:

    Posted ASC Procedural Guidelines dated 7/18/18 and respective changes log for March-July 2018.

  6. Michele M says:

    Posted WCNA 37 Register NOW for FREE Drawing (7/31/18) flyer to Events

  7. Michele M says:

    Moved Greater Orlando Area Service Awareness Day (6/24/18) flyer from Events to Old Flyers

  8. Michele M says:

    Posted Midday Miracles NEW MEETING Mondays @ 1:30 pm flyer to Announcements

  9. Michele M says:

    Posted 6/2018 GOASCNA Meeting Minutes

  10. Michele M says:

    Posted Recovery in the Upper Room NEW MEETING Tuesdays @ 8:00 pm flyer to Announcements

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