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  1. Michele M says:

    Posted flyers to Announcements:
    NA Helpline ENG Virtual Meetings
    NA Helpline ESP Virtual Meetings

  2. Michele M says:

    Posted Still Working On It COVID-19 Update 3/15/20 flyer to Announcements

  3. Michele M says:

    Posted Eatonville 29th Ann’y BBQ 4/11/20 flyer to Events

    Moved Greater Orlando Ann’y 3/7/20 @ 6:00 pm flyer from Events to Old Flyers

  4. SethK says:

    Posted Eatonville Group’s 29th Anniversary Celebration & Cookout to calendar.

  5. Michele M says:

    Posted Kissimmee Connection – Thurs/Sat 8:00 pm NEW LOCATION flyer to Announcements

  6. Michele M says:

    Moved CAR Workshop & FREE Pizza 2/15/20 @ 10 am flyer from Events to Old Flyers

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