Recent Website Updates

624 comments on “Recent Website Updates
  1. SethK says:

    Posted GOASCNA open positions flyer to website.

  2. Michele M says:

    Moved flyers to Old Flyers:
    FRCNA 39 Registration Drive 6/20/20
    FRCNA 39 Needs Volunteers

  3. Michele M says:

    Posted FRCNA 39 Registration Drive 6/20/20 flyer to Events

    Moved unpublished flyers from Events to Old Flyers:
    Eatonville 29th Ann’y BBQ 4/11/20
    Eastside Recovery 30-Year Celebration 3/21/20

    Unpublished Announcement flyers for group meetings having closed facilities
    (will publish when facilities open again)

  4. Michele M says:

    In Announcements, replaced 5/21/20 version of FRCNA 39 Needs Volunteers flyer with 6/12/20 version

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