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2021-02-26 Meeting Change
On webpage reads: Public Relations Helpline Subcommittee - January 1rst Meeting ID: 273 387 3155 Passcode: 389972 Should read: Public Relations Phoneline Subcommittee - last Friday of Month. Can this be removed from the meeting list area and added to the Calendar every month? It\'s hard to find in the meeting list area
2021-02-23 Meeting Change
New meeting in Celebration Florida. Would like to be added to the list so people can find the meeting. We meet on Tuesday, at 8p. Celebration of Recovery Tuesday, 8pm 215A Celebration Blvd, Celebration, FL 34747 Format: AB, BEG, CW, WC, D, TOP, VAR O Mask Recommended
message sent to get approval from asc for new meeting
2021-02-20 Website Request
\\"E22. Hybrid meeting inconsistent format\\" A Train to Somewhere doesn\\'t follow same format as other meetings for Hybrid on webpage
moved existing zoom info over to display hybrid status , future meeting change request from homegroup may be needed with details
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2021-02-10 Meeting Change
Please remove this meeting. It is not meeting in person nor is it meeting virtually.
2021-02-08 Website Request
I am requesting to CHANGE OR DELETE The Following NA Birthday Information (do not change ID) : ID = 337, Name = Skinny, Home Group = Still Working On It, Clean Date = 2006-02-21 ‘skinny past away’
deleted clean date record
2021-02-02 Website Request
Please, unsubscribe me! I\\'ve tried, and you continue to send me stuff. Remove my clean date. I AM NOT AN NA MEMBER. THANK YOU.
removed sonia r
2021-01-29 Meeting Change
The facility is closed due to Covid The platform will be Zoom ID 87980790970 Password 2020 Speaker/ Step meeting Closed meeting Thursdays 7p-8:30pm
2021-01-29 Meeting Change
Meeting is now meeting virtually via Zoom
We need more information before we can create a virtual meeting for the No Matter What group:1. Will this be a hybrid meeting or is the facility temporarily closed and the group not meeting in person at all?2. What are the virtual meeting credentials (Platform-for example Zoom, user id, password)?3. Is the meeting still on Thursdays at 7:00 pm?
2021-01-29 Meeting Change
this meeting is meeting Face to Face and we do not meet virtually
Removed TC/VM format, also zoom info & note about facility being closed
2021-01-27 Flyer Upload
Florida Service Symposium. It has several zoom rooms to discuss topics related to service in our Area
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