Greater Orlando Area of Narcotics Anonymous

Serving Orange, Osceola, Lake and Seminole Counties of Florida

Information For Professionals

Narcotics Anonymous often works with educators, medical and mental health professionals, civic and business leaders, and other members of the community in keeping with our primary purpose of carrying the NA message to addicts who still suffer.  Our relationship with such people and organizations is always one of cooperation and never one of affiliation.  What we can offer is a message of hope : that an addict – any addict – with a desire to stop using drugs can stay clean and find a new way to live.  Our local Public Relations subcommittee offers the following resources for those interested in knowing more about NA.  Narcotics Anonymous At Work In The Central Florida Area, Local Meeting Directory.  Click here to see a list of NA meetings in Orange, Osceola, Lake and Seminole Counties. For information on meetings in other areas, we suggest that you consult the international meeting locator.


Recovery for the still suffering addict is never more than a phone call away. The Orlando Area Phoneline is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year.  Assistance with directions to local meetings, the ability to answer any NA related questions, or someone with a willingness to help the still suffering addict is available through the helpline at 407-425-5157.  The Florida Regional Service Office has setup the Florida Relay for the Deaf at 1-800-955-8771.  Additionally, the World Service Office has made available helpline numbers from across the nation and around the world on the Helpline Directory.

Community Presentations

Community presentations are led by trained NA volunteer speakers, these presentations are designed to provide information about the Narcotics Anonymous program.  These presentations can be custom tailored to specific audiences from middle school and high school students to guidance counselors, business leaders, law enforcement officials, helping professionals, religious organizations, and community and neighborhood groups.  To find out more information about Narcotics Anonymous in your community, or to request a community presentation please contact the 24-Hour Phone Line at 407-425-5157 or mail Public Relations, P.O. Box 532095 Orlando, FL 32853.

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings in Jails, Hospitals, and Institutions

Narcotics Anonymous carries the message to the addict who still suffers.  Occasionally there are those addicts seeking recovery who are unable to attend our regular meetings.  If you have a facility and would like more information on having Narcotics Anonymous bring the message of recovery and hold a meeting presentation in your facility please contact the 24-Hour Phone Line at 407-425-5157 or mail Hospitals and Institutions, P.O. Box 532095 Orlando, FL 32853.

Presentation Papers About Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous: In Cooperation With Therapeutic Communities Worldwide – Presented at: World Federation of Therapeutic Communities Conference, February 1998 Information About Narcotics Anonymous – describes NA’s historic roots, how our recovery program works, and how our service organization operates.  This paper clarifies NA’s traditions of non-affiliation and neutrality on public issues while encouraging co-operation with NA’s friends in the community.  The paper closes with a few basic indicators of NA’s success and some simple features on an NA membership profile.  Narcotics Anonymous: A Vision of Hope on the Inside; Living the Vision on the Outside – gives information regarding how NA volunteers can introduce inmates, who are substance abusers, to recovery in Narcotics Anonymous while they are still within the correctional system.  Emphasis is placed on the importance of community-based recovery programs that may assist inmates with living drug-free upon their release.  Presented at: American Correctional Association, August 1999.

Additional Online Information