GOASCNA Public Relations Report

ASC Date: 11/10/2019
Meeting Date: 10/25/2019 6:30 PM

Members Present:14

Location:150 W. Michigan St. United Against Poverty

Opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer

General Report

Phoneline Coordinator Report was given - we discussed the Statewide Helpline - Coordinator I will seek information when he attends Region this month and we are also seeking information from our Regional PR Coordinators. Everything appears to be going well with the Phoneline - we are exploring the possible information we can pull from the OneBox in reference to number of calls and what shifts are receiving the most calls to assist us in recruiting new phoneline volunteers. We had one new Phoneline volunteer orientation! We ask everyone to continue announcing in your groups about the need for Phoneline Volunteers. Public Relations Report We discussed the monthly meetings we have been attending and designated volunteers to attend them for the month of November. The committee discussed inviting the Central Florida Area PR committee to our PR/Phoneline subcommittee meeting and we appointed liaisons to coordinate and communicate so we do not overlap services and we can better serve NA as a whole as well as eliminate any confusion to the professional community. The committee members continued working on the guidelines and we are making progress...However, slow.... We did all agree to form an ad hoc to complete the guidelines so we would have more time during our meeting to address other committee matters.

Elections - None

Concerns or Needs: Phoneline Volunteers Upcoming

Events: None this month

In Loving Service

Liz B. - Chair Mark B. Vice Chair