GOASCNA Literature Report

ASC Date: 9/8/2019
Meeting Date: 9/8/2019 1:00 PM
Literature Report Literature orders placed at August ASC $1,634.02. Literature orders placed at September ASC $1049.21. Literature not ordered July ASC $9.85. Total order subtotal $2709.08. Discount at 8%-$221.54 Shipping cost: charged 15.50 for pickup in Lakeland (thanks Gina L.) Total $2,709.08 A total of 20 various IP’s missed and 1 30 yr medallion. Subtotal $8.99. Shipping cost $7.85 Sales tax charged(oops)$.063. Total $17.47. EN-2207 back ordered (1)S.W.O.I. & (1) Recovery in the upper room. EN-3102 back ordered (2)S.W.O.I. & (6)Never ever group. We are stronger together so please continue to order through area. We have worked through the issues and the process will be seamless from here forward. Please use the updated calculating order forms attached to this email because key tags are now $0.56 each and a Spanish literature change. Please feel free to use this digital copy that does all the math for you and email it to me directly at Justncase1976@gmail.com. I will send an email out tomorrow detailing our surplus inventory. I can tell you right now I have a dwindled it down to a 9 year medallion, a 21 year medallion a handful of English IP’s and some Spanish IP’s. I still have two GSR‘s to meet with but all other literature has been delivered. Also wasn’t someone in need of a starter kit? I can still order it in time for area. Also is that a predetermined kit? I see a starter kit to order from region but it has a seventh tradition box and I wasn’t sure if that’s the route we went. Sorry so long, next month will be concise. ILS, Casey F Alternate Literature Distributor