GOASCNA Chair Report

ASC Date: 9/8/2019
Meeting Date: 9/8/2019 1:00 PM
Hello Greater Orlando Area!
" Recovery must come first” {Service is a labor of love}

All GSR's or Subcommittee members, if you need to leave early notify the Secretary, please!

Opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer. The Readings
GOASCNA Purpose, 12 Concepts, 12 Traditions, Service Workers Prayer were read.

Welcome back to the best area in Narcotic Anonymous.

Glad we avoided the storm that wrecked havoc on our schedule last year.
Again would like to welcome all the new members of our area meeting.

Was able to get to the bank and add Dennisse the new
area Vice-Chair to our account as a signer.

Also during that meeting at the bank was made aware of many pass people who
are on the account that does not need to be there any longer.
Will contact the bank on Monday to see if I can get a list of all the people who are still on the account.
There only needs to be The Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and the Activities Chair who has deposit ability.

Will see going forward how to rectify this. Possibly by reaching out to the people on the list and asking
them to stop in at a branch of Wells Fargo Bank and remove themselves will probably be the easiest route.

Also was made of another issue involving insurance for a function.

I reached out to some people in another area to find out what procedures they took to acquire insurance for the region.

Whenever a group or any activities that went on in that area all they had to do was contact region
and they could get a copy of the rider to give to the establishment to show insurance is in place.

Once I receive this information I will pass it on to the RCM to give to Region to see if that is something we should undertake.
Will be able to give them a contact name and number.

Because of the outrage of lawsuits every NA group should probably be covered to avoid any unnecessary
litigation going forward.

Will follow up on that

All in all, we had a very productive meeting.
Also considering changing the agenda around which will most likely be at the next ASC meeting.
Today we will follow the agenda of the past ASC

Congratulation to the Greater Orlando Area new Vice-Chair

Upcoming Events
The Power of Unity -- Greater Orlando & Central Florida /Speaker Jam.

Radical Recovery Cookout in Apoka
Saturday Oct. 12th @ 11:00 AM

In Loving Service,
Danny, Chair