GOASCNA Public Relations Report

ASC Date: 5/5/2019
Meeting Date: 4/27/2019 6:30 PM

April 2019 Public Relations/Helpline Subcommittee meeting – Minutes

·         Opening prayer

·         12 Traditions

·         12 Concepts


Helpline Coordinator 1 and 2 Report:

·         Current roster was handed out, (see attached). Highlighted are shifts that need more volunteers.

·         A large chart of this roster will be displayed at the Service Awareness Day in hopes that members will sign up.

·         12-Step men/women contact list was given to Terri and Eric to confirm if they wish to remain on the list, and any changes in phone number or clean time.


PR Report:

·         PR Meetings will take place on the LAST Friday of the month. This replaces the date of the 4th Friday of the month.

·         Orange County Library has 22 English Basic Texts and 6 Spanish. They also have 2 QR readers.

·         Seminole County Library in Casselberry will receive 10 English and 2 Spanish Basic Texts. Terri will deliver these.

·         Osceola County will be contacted by Greg as they are privately owned.

·         Pete and Jessica attended the Drug Free Coalition meeting and handed out QR readers. PR has also been invited to do a presentation for the Opioid Task Force. They will give us about 10 minutes for this presentation.


Old Business:

Re-Entry Symposium at Seminole County Jail is on May 1st. Cindy and Terri to attend.

Pete and another member will attend the Drug Free Coalition meeting.


Review and Discuss:

·         Vice-Chair received 2 contacts and will be contacted. Target audience are Public Access TV, Adventist Hospitals, and possibly Dr. Offices.

·         Deadline for combining PR and Helpline guidelines is May 17th for input from PR/Helpline members.

·         Cindy and Greg will inventory existing literature and new volunteer packets.

·         There is a possibility for PR/Helpline members to attend a subcommittee meeting via Zoom.


New Business:

·         Cindy met with Emily Williams – Direct of Lake Buena Vista Community Service. Emily expressed a desire to have an NA meeting at this facility. Dennisse will also contact Emily to discuss a Spanish speaking meeting there as well. There is a planned event that reaches out to the homeless. Gordon and Sarah will be a part of this event.

·         Cindy spoke with Kyle Pritchard who is the ACTT Program Coordinator and they would like to have an inmate-run NA meeting.


 Service Awareness Day:

·         In addition to a PR/Helpline tables, the Helpline Call Roster will be displayed for other members of the Area to choose a slot and volunteer. Also, a 12-Step Call List will be on the Helpline table to sign up. We will perhaps play the PRINGO game as well as a skit from Helpline. 


Respectfully submitted and ILS,

Terri S - PRSecretary