GOASCNA Chair Report

ASC Date: 3/10/2019
Meeting Date: 3/9/2019 11:51 PM


General Report : Chair Dept :   Welcome to all Greater Orlando Area members. "Were so glad your here" {Communication is the key}

                             Please all GSR's or Subcommittee members if you need to leave early notify the secretary please. The Chairman Dept would like to 

                             thank each and everyone of you for your courageous service duly appreciated. The chairman dept met up and focused on updating

                             the Sunbiz account it was done. The treasurer dept was contacted and notified about budgets being presented this month from 

                             subcommittees and going to the groups for hopefully approval. The 37 year anniversary very special, good job all servants whom                                  help made that happen. Also

                             I'd like to thank the Activity dept for the spiritual principle book event. The subcommittee's are asked to summarize their reports

                             and let us remember all members to keep our question on topic. Please be considerate of all topics and be very considerate. 





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In Loving Service,