GOASCNA Public Relations Report

ASC Date: 3/10/2019
Meeting Date: 2/22/2019 6:30 PM

Public Relations meet ant United Against Povertty 150 E. Michigan St

Opened meeting – 9 members attended: Cindy C., Sera D., Beatriz V., Dennisse R., Liz B., Eric T., Dominick D., Greg G., Pete C.

·         Helpline Coordinator 1 and 2 - Report and updated -

o   We discussed some of the phone calls we received and got feedback from helpline volunteers

o   Three new members attended the meeting and showed interest in signing up for helpline volunteer

o   We provided Orientation for phoneline volunteers (Ongoing)

o   Two new helpline volunteers signed up for a shift to answer calls for the Helpline

o   Phoneline Coordinator #1 will update the call routing sheet and the contact information sheet and email it to volunteers

o   PR cards were delivered to Officer Eld – by two PR committee members – he was also given 2 QR readers and we let him know if we wanted more to contact us – (Ongoing)

o   The committee discussed the budgets for Public Relations and Helpline – We came up with a budget to combine all expenses for both committees

o   The committee agreed to increase our donation to the facility due to the increase in time we are meeting

o   Dominick volunteered to inventory current PR literature

o   Dominick and Sera volunteered to laminate

o   We discussed continuing the book drive – (Ongoing)

o   QR code will be forwarded to Dennisse so she can take some of them to businesses in the Oakridge area

o   Re-Entry Symposium at the Seminole County Jail. February 6th- - Cindy, Terri and Liz have attended – volunteers to attend with one of us for gaining experience is ongoing

o   Volunteers for members to come and work on PR projects – ongoing (This is ongoing, and volunteers will be needed on a regular basis)

o   On the third Thursday of every month, the Coalition for Drug Free Living meets. Pete and Cindy attended in January - February we were not able to attend – Liz B. and Cindy will attend in March


New Business Items

·         PR/Helpline subcommittee meeting for March (possibly changing the date due to the Symposium – and a lot of us will be in Tampa) – We did not get to discuss this at the meeting – however we would like to change it to March 29th

·         Reviewing Helpline guidelines / combining with PR, additions, changes - start the discussion – Dominick and Greg will review existing helpline guidelines and will bring back to next month’s subcommittee meeting meet and get started on the guidelines

·         Once inventory of existing literature is completed, the committee will determine what we need for the public and what we need for our PR/Helpline Packets and we will order new literature.

Closed meeting an 8:00Pm

in loving service

Liz B