GOASCNA Chair Report

ASC Date: 1/13/2019
Meeting Date: 1/13/2019 1:00 PM

Chair report:  Greetings GOASCNA welcome to all new GSR's and established members also welcome to admin staff and subcommittees.

The business of the ASC has been quotidian and very, very positive. The subcommittees have been exhibiting realistic results. The admin staff

has been giving profound effort at the task given  to it.  The GSR's have been awesome in recieving and sharing information tthat continues a

positve flow respected and selected. The rule of the day is (COMMUNICATION). This is done with a higher power, 12 steps, 12 tradition, 12 concepts and other pertinent

material used by Area such as proceedure guild lines, policies and other relevant elements.  I will not be present at Area Jan 13th due to the passing of a parent. I can use some prayer and my higher power to see me back safe and sound. I talk to the Alternate Chair and gave him my blessings on facilitating and hope you all find favor and respect to a host of knowledge that he carries (Danny R). I have reviewed World web site Florida region web site and Greater Orlando web site my concern is that we keep the same efforts to review business at the ASC and that we become even more attractive to the 

newer members and younger members. We are not perfect and we can disagree that does not mean to become over emotional but emotions are 

needed .  Also so far this has been one of the best area I participated in since I came in 11 years ago. Closing my clean time date

12 years and eleven months and twenty two days. Yes family

13 years the 17th of Jan. The Secretary dept (awesome)  we watched members colaborate together to make sure the correct format was used by ourbeloved Secretary awesome ASC members. Each member here deserves praise and honor you done as our predessessors instructed.

Thank you GOACNA, Jimmy k 1953 The Narcotics Anonymous fellowship and Program.




Member at large: Mark B




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In Loving Service,
Demetrius G