GOASCNA Public Relations Report

ASC Date: 12/9/2018
Meeting Date: 11/30/2018 6:00 PM

Public Relations Subcommittee meeting 11/30/2018 minutes

Opening Prayer/12 Traditions/12 Concepts

Attendance:  Cindy C, Liz B, Terri S, Gordon S, Sarah K, Mark B, Dennisse R, Mary Ann C, Gail S, Justin P, Greg G, Pete C

Ongoing Projects and Contacts:

  1. As a result of a WSC vote, there will now be a yearly Public Relations week. This will take place the first week of June. The Greater Orlando PR Committee will be coming up with ideas for this event.
  2. Sherriff’s Department follow-up is bi-monthly via email by Mark B to make sure there is a good supply of our cards in police politics
  3. Presentation forthcoming with UCF Campus Police Department, because of appointment of new Chief of Police after finding a satisfactory schedule that works for both
  4. Pete has attended a meeting with the Orange County Drug Free Coalition. There will be an on-going relationship with OCDFC and Carol Burkett
  5. Seminole County Re-entry Program continues to be attended monthly (First Wednesday of the Month)
  6. Full Sail relationship continues to be pursued for work on PSA’s –  Cindy C was approached from the radio industry to allow airtime for and NA PSA.
  7. Orange County Sheriff may offer assistance in creating PSA’s
  8. Our next target is to reach out to Osceola and Seminole Police Departments


Old Business:                                                                                                                                                                   

  1. Captin Eld has received the approval for the Help Line cards to be placed in the officer’s cars as well as OPD Headquarters.

New Business:

  1. Dennisse gave us a full orientation of Helpline. We were given information about the do’s and don’ts of the program, as well as what to do with common questions and how to deal with callers. The PR Committee is now oriented to, if we wish, to be a cell phone carrier. Discussion is now on-going on what to do if the proposal to combine PR and Helpline, how will the set-up be with trusted servants, meeting time, etc. More will be revealed.
  2. Pete attended a meeting with Orange County Drug Free Coalition. We will continue the relationship and our contact is Carol Burkett
  3. Pete attended the dedication of The Bridge (a facility to help inmates who have left jail or prison) and spoke to the new Mayor of Orange County with the hope we can still maintain our involvement with Orange County to help carry our primary purpose.
  4. Pete also had a thought to perhaps put some NA materials at the Concierge desks in some hotels.
  5. Mary Ann informed us that the Orange County Libraries don’t really seem to have any of our basic texts. She found out that we need to speak to Joan Sampson who is head of the ‘archival collection’ which approves what books are on the shelves. Mary Ann will follow up with her. We may possibly do a book drive, as well as seek out book donations from World and Region.
  6. We had a table at the annual MBS run. 3 Recovery-based people came and asked questions, but unfortunately, they cannot have meetings in their facilities.
  7. PR is looking into how to put together a guide or something similar that will train how to use professional language for presentations and other events with the public



Our next meeting is scheduled for December 28, 2018 @ 6pm at 150 E. Michigan St. Orlando, FL

Meeting closed