ASC Date: 11/11/2018
Meeting Date: 11/11/2018 1:00 PM

Greater Orlando Area Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous

RCM Report for November 11, 2018


Greetings Greater Orlando! We hope that you are all enjoying your recovery!

•             Our Next Regional Service Conference Weekend will be November 16th- 18th, 2018 at the Rosen Centre Hotel, 9840 International Drive, Orlando 32819. Phone # 407.996.9840, #866.996.6338. Self-parking fee is $7.

•             The Florida Regional minutes are online at www.naflorida.org – please let me know if you need assistance with accessing them.

•             Saturday morning there will be a Corrections Resource presentation since it did not take place at September’s RSC. All Area Subcommittee Chairs and Vice Chairs are encouraged to attend as well as ASC Admin and Members at large. This is our fellowship and we can all be a part of!


RSC AGENDA (Tentative)

Please keep in mind when attending the RSC Weekend there may be a daily self-parking fee.


Friday –                10:00pm – 11:00pm         Welcome – Recovery Meeting 

Saturday –          9:00am – 12:30pm           Orientation

                                                                                Area Support

                                12:30pm – 2:00pm           Lunch on your own

                                12:30pm – 2:00pm           RSC Administrative Meeting (as necessary during their lunch)

                                2:00pm – 4:00pm                             Fellowship Development

                                4:00pm – 5:00pm                             Guide to Florida Regional Service Group Meeting

                                5:00pm – 6:00pm                             Project Planning Meeting – Fellowship Development/HRP

                                6:00pm – 8:30pm                             Dinner on your own

                                8:30pm – 9:30pm                             Speaker Meeting/Activity

Sunday –             9:00am – 3:00pm                              Florida Regional Service Conference

*This schedule occurs in January, May, July, September and November. March, in odd years is reserved for the Florida Service Symposium (Thursday, Friday & Saturday). March, in even years is reserved for the GSR Assembly (Friday & Saturday).



Introductions were made. We entered a room set up with Subcommittee placards on the tables. We had round-table topics and discussions and the results were presented to the entire group and we had Q&A. Moving forward this will continue to happen so the Area Subcommittees can get more involved, participate and assist one another throughout our Region.


Active Projects:  RSC Guidelines Housekeeping Changes (an HRP Workgroup), HRP Guidelines (an HRP Workgroup), Mentorship, Dialog with Treatment Facilities, Corrections Resource Work Group, Website Revamp. The Corrections Work Group consists of Behind the Walls, Bridging the Gap, Sponsorship & Pen-Pals.

Projects to be staffed: Research RSC meeting rotation around the region and Subcommittee attendance at RSC.

Completed Work Groups: Treatment Dialogue Work Group completed its task and gave their final report. They created a tri-fold IP which is attached to the minutes.



PR Resource Coordinator, 2 FRC Board Members, 2 HRP Guidelines Work Group Members, 1 Corrections Work Group Member OPEN POSITIONS

HRP Member (8 years clean time requirement)  Corrections Resource Coordinator (3 years clean time requirement) 


It’s time to plan: The Florida Service Symposium will be held March 21-24th, 2019!

The Region pays for 4 room nights • We need to decide how these rooms will be reserved; the Region will pay/reimburse • A signup sheet will be going around for those who want to go • If a lot of members are willing to go, we can submit a Proposal to our ASC for funds to reserve additional rooms • RD/AD Team are also asking for topic suggestions - a sheet will be passed as well for you to write

your topic suggestions


RSC PROPOSALS (copied from RSC Minutes)

Old Business

01-07-2018 Proposal – Re-creation of Island Nation Travel group with a budget of $4000/yr Rationale: Island Nations Travel Group Because of the difficulty of travel to the US for the Island Nations and the difficulty for members to travel to and participate in events in the US as well as Regional Service another way is being sought to carry the message of service to the Island Nations that belong to the Florida Region. The travel group shall consist of a delegation of two trusted servants (2 member delegation team becoming ineligible to be selected to the travel group again for 2 yrs) well versed in Florida Regional Service with the ability and willingness to not only travel freely outside the US but to also spend two full days conducting presentations and workshops. A sustained effort on the part of the Florida Region along with continued participation from the Islands local fellowships may assist in building stronger home groups, keeping long time members involved in order to mentor newer members to carry on in service on these islands, educate the professional community further about Narcotics Anonymous, give local addicts a safe haven and viable choice for recovery. Duties: Communicate with Fellowship Development to determine the needs of the local fellowship Develop an agenda including workshops and presentations related to the needs of the local fellowship as defined by Fellowship Development Provide a report to the RSC body by way of Fellowship Development Collaborate and have knowledge of previous delegation teams reports and experience Accountability: The Travel Group is accountable to the FRSC via Fellowship Development All Delegation teams are recommended by the Fellowship Development Group and vetted by HRP from the HRP Volunteer Pool. Travel Cycles: April and October (respectively) Requirements: Ability to travel outside the US legally (Valid passport, no outstanding warrants here or abroad) Integrity beyond reproach 5 years’ experience of NA Service and workshops and full availability for workshops while at Island nations Complete familiarity with Service System Tools and Consensus Based Decision Making of the Florida Region. Ability and knowledge to present NA based service literature to members that have not been introduced to it. Excellent listening and verbal communication skills and good PowerPoint and Zoom presentation skills Knowledge on Twelve steps, traditions and concepts Minimum of 6yrs clean Financial & Spiritual Impact: $4000/yr. A previous workgroup had determined and agreed that one person receiving information and disseminating it to a large group would not be as impactful as 2 delegates disseminating to a larger group directly. Visual aids would further enhance the message. New faces and new voices also have a stimulating effect on members who may have been hearing the same voice and seeing the faces many times over. After weighing the financial impact against the potential for reaching more addicts exponentially we believe the benefits to the Florida and the Island Nations would be extremely positive and long lasting for such impact. Outcome: Consensus Reached


02-07-2018 Proposal: To continue the Archivist payroll thru January 2019. FRSC at $380.00 week plus (+) 15% for miscellaneous materials and withholding taxes. Total expenses $8,303.00 (+) the over budget amount of %506.00 and payroll taxes of 2,535.00. Intent: To continue the work of electronically digitizing the records of the Florida Regional Services Committee. Spiritual Impact: Having the records of the FRSC available for anyone in the FRSC Financial Impact: $12,344.00 (total projected costs) Guide to Florida Regional Services ‘Changes: None

Outcome: Failed


03-07-2018 Proposal: That the Florida Regional Service committee (RSC) Treasurer be guided by the United States of America Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Guidelines with regard to the maintenance, reporting, accounting, and disposal of any and all financial records of the RSC. Intent: To establish clear guidance to our treasurer at RSC, and understanding of procedure by the Regional Membership.

Spiritual Impact: Consistency, model of services, clarify (concept 10), conscience (concept 2) responsibility (concept 6) Financial

Impact: Avoidance of any IRS tax penalties Guide to Florida Regional Services Changes: None Outcome: Consensus Reached


New Business

02-09-2018 Maker: Technology Resource Coordinator

Proposal: To add a Technology Alternate Coordinator position to the Florida Regional Fellowship Development team

Intent: To establish an assistant and training role for the Technology Resource Coordinator position so the alternate is better suited to take over the Resource Coordinator position. This would allow the Alternate Resource Coordinator to become adapted to the technology implemented by the FRSC and the demands of Resource Coordinator position.

Spiritual Impact: Will allow the alternate to be fully prepared to acclimate to the Technology Resource Coordinator and be as successful as possible from the start in serving FRSC to the best of their ability. 

Financial Impact : $189 per RSC x 6 = $1,134.00 per year.

Guide To Florida Regional Service Changes: Yes, to add the following description after the Technology Resource Coordinator section: Technology Alternate Resource Coordinator Purpose: The Technology Alternate Resource Coordinator is to be in training to acclimate to the Technology Resource Coordinator position. Function: To help the Technology Resource Coordinator fulfill the duties and responsibilities of that position. To learn the responsibilities of the Technology Resource Coordinator position and become familiar with the technology used by FRSC to be best suited to take over the position. Additional Qualifications and

Responsibilities: Works closely with the Technology Resource Coordinator. Performs all duties and has all responsibilities of the Resource Coordinator in their absence. This is a two year commitment to end when the Technology Resource Coordinator's term is over with the expectation to acclimate to the Technology Resource Coordinator position. The Technology Alternate Resource Coordinator must have a minimum of three (3) years clean.

Outcome Tabled to Groups


Proposal 03-09-2018: For the Florida Region/Florida Regional Convention to consider the feasibility of renting, and potentially purchasing in the future, translation equipment to be used by             NA members (many from within the Florida Region) whose primary language is not English and who have been unable to participate and enjoy the Florida Regional Convention. Adoption of this proposal would allow the non-English speaking members to             do service as well as attend and celebrate alongside all FRCNA attendees.

Intent: To make FRCNA and the NA message of Recovery available to us all.                         

Spiritual Impact: FRCNA would be more accessible to more addicts, thus we would be strengthening FRCNA’s primary purpose which

is “…to provide a special celebration of our recovery, a reflection of our diversity, and a demonstration of our unity. Meetings, workshops, and other activities are scheduled to encourage that unity and fellowship among our members.” 

Financial Impact: Renting may be less expensive than purchasing; however, another option has surfaced.  We have the opportunity of borrowing the translation equipment from NAWS. The same equipment used at the World Convention is available for Regions and Areas provided it is not needed for NAWS activities. It was confirmed it can be used for FRCNA 38 and the cost is the payment for UPS

Ground plus insurance. Approximately $200-$400+ depending on amount of headsets/equipment requested. (??)          

Guide to Florida Regional Service Changes:  None                                                                                                              

Outcome: Tabled to FRCNA


Proposal 04-09-2018 Maker HRP Clarify elections processes that have caused confusion and conflict recently. 

Rationale The purpose of the Human Resource Panel (HRP) is to assure the RSC that we are honoring the 4 th Concept: Effective leadership is highly valued in Narcotics Anonymous. Leadership qualities should be carefully considered when selecting trusted servants. The trust necessary to confidently delegate authority is founded on the careful selection of trusted servants. Leadership is very important to the welfare of our fellowship. True, our leaders are but trusted servants, not governors; yet we also expect our trusted servants to lead us. If we select them carefully, we can confidently allow them to do so. The HRP protects confidentiality through the integrity of its members and the use of a separate database accessed only by HRP members. Passwords are changed whenever there is change to the membership. The HRP reviews each candidates Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities so that the RSC can be assured that all candidates have been carefully considered. Recently, there have been some controversial elections. This proposal will rewrite a portion of the GTFRS that will make the election process clear.

Financial Impact: There is no financial impact. Clarification of this part of the Guide fosters unity and reinforces the principles in the 4th Concept. There is no conflict with Traditions, Concepts, or Principles, as the RCMs control the process because they initiate the election process, must second any nominations, and are the only voting members of the RSC. In addition, because the Guide is a mandate from the groups on how we are to conduct business, we are respecting the 2nd Concept.  Outcome: Tabled To Groups


Proposal 05-09-2018: Maker Palm Coast. That all proposals be brought the guide for discussion before being sent to the RSC. Change the purpose of the guide to read – “The purpose of the Guide to Florida Regional Service Group is to consider pending proposals that affect the Guide to Florida Regional Service, to consider whether or not the proposal facilitates, inhibits or has no effect on the RSC’s ability to serve its member areas and allow discussion of all pending proposals before being brought to the RSC floor.” All proposal must be submitted no later than 15 minutes prior to the Guide Meeting or be tabled until the next RSC Guide Meeting. Intent: To allow everyone to participate in our CBDM/fellowship development process. Helps RSC do business along in a timelier manner. Spiritual Impact: Unity, Consensus, allows group conscious to be developed. 8th Concept 

Financial Impact: None GUIDE TO FLORIDA REGIONAL SERVICE CHANGES: Yes – see paragraph 1 Change the purpose of the guide to read – “The purpose of the Guide to Florida Regional Service Group is to consider pending proposals that affect the Guide to Florida Regional Service, to consider whether or not the proposal facilitates, inhibits or has no effect on the RSC’s ability to serve its member areas and allow discussion of all pending proposals before being brought to the RSC floor.”  Outcome: Tabled to Groups


Proposal 06-09-2018 Maker: Big Bend. Big bend Area is asking the Florida region to reimburse the Area for 1 hotel night per RSC

Meeting. We ask for this to stay in effect for 1 year and to begin at the Sept 2018 RSC

Intent: To allow Big Bend to set their budget and help with sending the RCM 1&2 too attend the full weekend at the RSC Meetings. Spiritual Impact: Concept 2 & 7 Financial Impact: $798.00 to $850.00 for the RSC 2018 - 2019 Cycle

Outcome: Consensus Reached


Proposal: 07-09-2018 Maker: Bay. To give current Archivist 2 weeks notice to allow her to make a realist stopping point.

Intent: To leave the archives in a state that someone in the future can pick up where they were.

Spiritual Impact: The right thing to do. Financial Impact: $874.00 Outcome: Consensus Reached


Proposal: 08-09-2018 Maker: Suncoast. To employ the archivist for two more weeks with the intent of organizing and cleaning up the work area at the RSO.

Intent: Concept 6 - To allow a loving God to influence our decisions with regards to the archivist. Tradition 1 - Unity we don’t push

someone out due to our distaste for a situation. Spiritual Impact: Consistency, Compassion, Brotherly Love, Integrity Financial Impact: 800 dollars plus applicable taxes to be paid by the RSO Outcome: Recorded Only


UPDATE:  FRCNA 38 - Shattering The Illusion & FRCNA 37 Report

o             FRCNA 38 will be at the Rosen Centre July 4th – 7th, 2019.  Currently Pre-registration is $45 until May 19th, 2019 o Room rate is $132 o This is a Registration Required Event! Badges will be required to access the Workshops & Main Meetings.

o             Artwork for Convention logo by 11/30/18 o         www.frcna.com for information, to register, sign up to volunteer and get rooms.

o             The Support Committee meetings will be held on the first Sunday of even months as follows: December 2nd,

February 3rd, April 7th and June 2nd at 10:00am at the Rosen Centre. Self-parking $7 o FRCNA 37 was not a profitable convention from a financial perspective, sustaining a loss of $15,505.25. 

o             Several factors contributed to this: Attrition, underestimating # of attendees, WCNA 37 within approximately 2 months of FRCNA 37, partial pay/financial hardship registrations, etc. (for specifics please see their report in the minutes)

o             Although they lost $15, 505.25 the good news is they have enough money to do it again next year. Checking balance is $56,336.13

o             103 Registrations, 115 Banquets and donations are at $435 so far.

o             Starting today if you saved $6 per month you would have the registration amount required for this event.


~Please continue to visit your Florida Region’s website for events taking place throughout our region. You can visit www.naflorida.org so you can see all of the choices.

~If you are interested in serving on a Workgroup or a future Position at the Florida Region you can create or update your volunteer form at www.NAFlorida.org to be considered for a position/interview. 

~Would you like to be chosen for a Workgroup at the World Level? Create or update your volunteer form at https://www.na.org/?ID=HRP-wpif-default&ID=HRP-wpif-default  to be considered for a position on a workgroup. 


Thank you Greater Orlando Area for allowing us to serve! ILS, Dennisse R. RCM 1 & Matty W. RCM 2