ASC Date: 5/6/2018
Meeting Date: 5/6/2018 9:50 AM

Members Present: No RSC in April

Location: No RSC in April

General Report

Greetings Greater Orlando! “NA service is a team effort” and I am ever so grateful to belong to this team! Words cannot fully describe the depth of gratitude nor the unlimited growth and knowledge I have obtained as a result of you allowing me to serve this fellowship. Thank you!



Purpose: A domain name. To ensure a consistent presence on the web for areas that have an unstable IT workgroup or chair. Outcome: Consensus Reached


Maker: Public Relations Coordinator

Proposal: To Grant a One-time Expense of up to $1,600 for 2 members to do a PR and A Fellowship Development workshop April 27-29th (Fri-Sat) in Bermuda.

Outcome: Consensus Reached


Maker: Public Relations Coordinator

Proposal: To add a Public Relations Co-Coordinator position to the Florida Regional

Outcome: Consensus Reached


Proposal to accept the Florida Regional Service Committee Proposed 2018-2019 Budget (included in the GOASCNA February minutes).

Outcome: TTG (We already voted on this)


Maker: Bay Area

Proposal: For RD and AD to have vote of confidence at the conference.

Intent: To ensure that the Regions Voice is heard and business does not get delayed.

Spiritual Impact: Tradition 1 & Tradition 2      Financial Impact: N/A

Guide to Florida Regional Service Changes: N/A

Outcome: Consensus Reached


Maker: RSO

Proposal: To pay the Regional Archivist holiday pay due 2017-2018. Retroactive to time dated.

Intent: Pay for Services as per the Contract Negotiated.

Spiritual Impact: N/A   Financial Impact: N/A Guide to Florida Regional Service Changes: None

Outcome: Consensus Reached

Open Positions at the Florida Region:

H&I Resource Coordinator and PR Resource Coordinator. Please be on the lookout for trusted servants you feel will be a great fit for filling these FRSC positions.

Would you like to be chosen for a Workgroup or a future Position at the Florida Region? Create or update your volunteer form at www.NAFlorida.org to be considered for a position/interview.

Upcoming Events:

There are many events taking place throughout our Florida Region. Please visit www.naflorida.org so you can see all of the choices!

Please visit www.frcna.com if you wish to register and/or volunteer for FRCNA. This year FRCNA will be at the Hilton, 211 N. Tampa St, Tampa 33602, and starts on Wednesday, July 4th through Sunday, July 8th.

Registration for the World Convention 37 can be done online at https://wcna37-e.na.org/

Many of you are very excited about this World Convention and are interested in volunteering for this event. That’s wonderful because we will need over 2,000 volunteers. You can sign up to volunteer if you would like to be of service during the convention at: https://webdata.na.org/wcna/sign-up.php

*you must be pre-registered to be able to do service.

An email will be sent at a later date where you will be able to specify which area you’d like to do service in, i.e., Merchandise, Convention Information, Registration, etc.



Concerns or Needs


Upcoming Events

RSC Weekend in Tampa, May 18-20, 2018

In Loving Service,

ILS, Dennisse R. RCM 1 & Mercedes I. RCM 2