GOASCNA Unidos en Recuperacion Report

ASC Date: 1/14/2018
Meeting Date: 1/7/2018 4:00 PM
Members Present:4 Location: Prince of Peace Opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer; The 12 Traditions & 12 Concepts were read. General Report: This month the treasurers report is due but not yet available. At the moment and as previously reported there is a little over $1600 in the bank account ending. We started with a little over $1700 seed left from previous years. This convention lost a total of just under $140. The lowest loss in any Unidos convention. Paraphrasing, our literature talks about, we are not in this to make money yet be financially responsible. There is a recent check for our last month meeting place just delivered last week for $20. We did not have a lot of merchandise left as reported in last report 15 shirts & 7 mugs. We were asked to donate merchandise for regional event coming. Committee agreed to donate 2 shirts & 2 mugs. The banners, left over merchandise & miscellaneous items are being stored where they have always been stored with a founding member of Unidos. The treasurer has advised me he was unaware of the extent of such a fully detailed report. Although i tried to find the time to help the treasurer, get together to do the report, life on life's terms was not cooperating. We are not professionals. Great job to Nikki on the COU treasurers report. That was amazing! We talked about the discussion at the last asc about the future of this convention. We acknowledge it is not this committee's decision. We can only hope that the right thing will be done. The unity of the first tradition, contrary to the thought that unidos separates the member, actually embraces unity by allowing those of Spanish language to enjoy a full convention from beginning to end, in every aspect of preparation to fulfillment, the same way English conventions do. In the history of Unidos, there has been occasion to donate to the Orlando area & the rest was seed money for the next convention. The 2 Spanish groups are forming an ad-hoc committee since they are the members affected by this areas decision. The vote of the groups did not truly represent the members the who benefit from this areas Spanish convention. If those groups have no representation at this body, perhaps language could be a barrier. The members who are interested in continuing to have future Unidos conventons are considering other options and it would only be fair to allow them part of the finances they came in with to have seed money for a future convention, even if it is not under the Greater Orlando ASC. This may be addressed later today. This committee cannot make that decision. Election: None. Concerns or Needs: None Upcoming Events: Jan 21 Prince of Peace ADHOC by Solo por Hoy & Un Nuevo Amanacer In Loving Service, Suzanne,Chair