GOASCNA Unidos en Recuperacian Report

ASC Date: 8/13/2017
Meeting Date: 8/6/2017 9:32 AM
Members Present: 5 Location: Prince of Peace church 1515 South Semoran Boulevard Orlando Florida 32807 Opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer. The 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts were read. General Report: The committee was informed of the actions of this body for the last 2 months. Denying our proposal. The committee has decided to proceed with a convention for 2017. We already have our next 4 fundraisers are in place. They will be at Prince of Peace church the first and third Sundays of the month of September and October. Flyers are going around. The convention hotel and the dates are in place although a few more detail are being worked out. Special discount Pre-registration will be available at the events . We should be allowed the food sales here at area for September, October & November since Unity has had them for the last 3 months. I am very familiar with the account format at Wells Fargo having been the treasurer on a previous convention. The account was set up to be a free checking account with a monthly transfer from the checking to the savings and then that transfer was to return to the checking account automatically a few days later, in order to waive any service fees. We are being charged service fees and request this be addressed immediately. That was all squared away when I got signed into the account in April and all the service fees previously charged had been refunded to us. The bank has been deducting $14 per month. Perhaps this should be a concern if it is happening to the other GOASCNA accounts Wells Fargo. This morning I called Wells Fargo and got the $14 reversed for a total of $56 back into our account. They claim to have sent a notice in the March statement which we do not get. Advising that this would take place as of April. Since we do not get the statements we did not know this was going to happen. We should be on a simple business checking account and the bank representative was going to ensure that it was corrected since that is the way it was supposed to be in April. Also we are requesting the food sales fundraising here at area 4 September October and November as celebration of unity has had it the last several months. We were not planning akan 2017 convention and now we are. Originally it was suggested we trade on and off. I will also be requesting the tax-exempt status document for the hotel. Elections: we still have open positions like registration, merchandise,convention information and Arts & Graphics Concerns or Needs: is that each and every GSR keep a color flyer and ask people to either take pictures or take a black and white copy to share and announce Upcoming Events: fundraisers September 3rd and September 17th at Prince of Peace church see Flyers In Loving Service, Suzanne