ASC Date: 8/13/2017
Meeting Date: 8/13/2017 9:32 AM

General Report

July 2017 RCM Report for the August 13, 2017 ASC


Greetings to all! We hope that you are all enjoying your recovery.

This report is for the Regional Service Conference weekend held July 14-16, 2017

At the Rosen Shingle Creek, 9939 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL  32819

Next Regional Service Conference Weekend is September 15-17, 2017

At the Rosen Centre, 9840 International Drive, Orlando, FL 407-996-9840

The Greater Orlando Area will be the host Area for September 2017’s RSC weekend.  We would like to encourage you to continue participating and supporting the Florida Regional Service Committee.

 You can find RSC minutes at the following link: http://naflorida.org/groups/rsc-minutes/

There will be a Speaker Meeting during this next RSC at the Rosen Centre on Saturday, September 16th beginning at 8:00pm coordinated by your RCM Team â–ºSelf-Parking at the Rosen Centre is $5.

July 2017 FRSC Report:


1.    During the Area Support Meeting the topics brought up and discussed were: Social Media (as it pertains to pictures & videos taken during conventions inside the speaker meetings). Church staff reaching out to a Treatment Center (whose clients attend the NA meeting) and informing them their clients are not welcome at the facility due to their insurance guidelines. Palm Coast Area Digitizing Old Speaker Tapes (inquired about possible copyright infringement if uploading onto their website).

2.    An issue that surfaced during Area Support is that the Treatment Workgroup hadn’t been staffed by HRP. The trusted servant gave a report and although she had one or two others assisting they were unable to complete their assigned task due to lack of proper staffing.  The Corrections Workgroup is staffed and gave their report. We learned that it took 6 months to coordinate the calls made to prisons during FRCNA. This workgroup is an excellent resource in our Region. The Mentorship Workgroup is now staffed and will give a report at September’s RSC.

3.    There were two round table discussions: HRP Guide and PR Presentation.

4.    The Guide to Florida Regional Service is currently being updated with housekeeping items and is currently in draft format with track changes on the Florida Regional website. This Guide is to be viewed, discussed, etc., as we move towards the approval process in September.

5.    At RSC there were 15 Areas present out of 20.

6.    The Regional Website has been experiencing some issues. Bids are being sought to re-do the website. I was asked to coordinate communication between our Webpage team and the Florida Region’s IT Coordinator. The RSC Admin Workgroup considers this a high priority and will continue to seek quotes to ensure website efficacy.

7.    Elections took place and most service positions were filled. A trip to the Region’s bank is planned to remove signers and add new signers, as needed.

8.    The treasurer reported a closing balance of $23,036.83 with $8,000 set aside for Prudent Reserve and $6,500 to NAWS. The GSR assembly is fully funded for $10,850. The Bank statements for May 2017 & June 2017 balanced to the penny.

9.    Our Regional Service Office is doing well financially. They continue to have new customers. They offer a new medallion that is a custom order. You can view all products available by visiting www.floridarso.org. Currently they report the need for additional space. They have 3 years left of the 10 year lease and are talking to the landlord about more space. They reported they also print meeting lists and these can be mailed along with the literature order.

10. FRC, Inc. gave their report. Overall the majority of feedback for FRCNA 36 was positive. They are aware that mistakes were made and welcome any input/questions/concerns at info@frcna.com

For specific details on the mistakes, FRCNA 35 to FRCNA 36 # comparisons and much more please see the Regional minutes. A more comprehensive final report is due at November’s RSC. Now the work has already begun for FRCNA 37 “The Courage To Change”. Please visit www.frcna.com for more info. The location is Hilton Tampa Downtown; 211 North Tampa Street, 813.204.3000. Room rate is $125. You can reserve rooms by going to www.frcna.com/venue They are looking for pre-convention and convention logo artwork.


02-01-17/03-05-17/Modified 5-21-17, Proposal: To have the administrative workgroup schedule and coordinate the selection of a hotel for FRSC Weekends with the Florida Regional Convention of NA.

Outcome: Consensus reached/unanimous

04-05-17 Maker Uncoast Area, Proposal: Reimburse the Uncoast Area for additional Room Nights at the FSS in the amount of $420.

Outcome: Blocked

06-05-17 Maker HRP, Proposal: To allow the Treasurer to withhold from NAWS any funds approved by the RSC. (To bring the guide in line to what we are asking the Treasurer team to do).

Outcome: Passed/unanimous


01-07-17 Maker Big Bend Area, Proposal: Asking Florida Region to reimburse the Area for 1 hotel night per RSC meeting starting in September for one year. (Please see minutes for all of the verbiage).

Outcome: Consensus reached/Unanimous

02-07-17 Maker HR, Proposal: Tie RSC stipend to Standard IRS rates.

Rationale: The IRS sets maximum rates for travel. The rate adjusts each calendar year. The 2017 rate is $189 per day, which includes the hotel, taxes, tolls, and mileage. The 2016 rate was $185. Although mileage rates have gone down, room rates are $30-$50 more per night that they were when the $150 stipend was set. Increasing the stipend has come up several times on the floor, but no proposal has been made to date.

Financial Impact: For the rest of 2017, this would increase the stipend $39, up to from $150. The current fixed rate of $150 in no longer adequate to cover room and travel for one day. Tying the stipend to the IRS rate allows adjustments without having to change the GTFRS each year.

GTFRS: Each member of the Administration Workgroup and Resource Coordinators shall receive a stipend of one day at the Standard IRS rate.

Outcome: There was a test for consensus/ Tabled to September RSC.

Greater Orlando Area Vote/Outcome:                                                              


03-07-17 Maker: Secretary, Proposal: The region to pay one time additional expense to ship literature to Bermuda.

Intent: To further carry the message to the recovering addict.

Spiritual Impact: Keeping in line with Regional efforts to support the areas we represent.

Financial Impact: Est cost $152.00 not to exceed $160.00

GTFRS: No change to guide "One time event”.

Outcome: Consensus Reached.

Open Positions at the Florida Region:

Alternate Secretary and Alternate Treasurer

Southeast Zonal Forum Meeting was in July 2017. Our newly elected AD was going to attend along with the outgoing RD because our current RD was unable to attend. We look forward to hearing about their experience at our next RSC. For additional information regarding the Southeast Zonal Forum you may visit www.sezf.org 



NAWS Web Meetings Link: www.na.org/webinar

Public Relations and H&I Web Meetings to take place in September 2017. Any member may join; simply provide your name and email address to either pr@na.org or handi@na.org.

Concerns or Needs

It would be awesome if more of the Greater Orlando Area NA members attended the RSC Weekends since the RSC is often held here in our Area.

Upcoming Events

FRCNA 37 Registration is currently $40.

FRCNA Support Committee Members needed: October 8th, December 3rd, February 4th, April 1st, and June 3rd from 10:00am to 12:00pm at the Hilton Tampa Downtown.

In Loving Service,
Dennisse R. and Mercedes I.