GOASCNA Chair Report

ASC Date: 8/13/2017
Meeting Date: 8/13/2017 1:30 PM

Welcome to all new and returning Greater Orlando Area Members! We're glad you're here. Keep coming back, we need you!

There are open Admin and alternate positions, subcommittees without chairs and/or vice-chairs, and numerous other open service positions waiting to be filled, so please consider the fourth concept when nominating people for those positions. Please reflect on your own service experience as a guide. In the past we have elected members who were willing to serve, but unfortunately were unable to successfully fulfill the duties of the position. Sometimes it is better to leave a position open for the soon to be arriving member who can best serve our Area rather than simply fill that position in hast. Thankfully, we have an awesome Area with many enthusiastic and qualified members!

Our status with Englewood is that our fee was waived and we will only pay the insurance for the 6 months and owe $159.75. Again thanks to Mark and Pete in helping make this possible. I truly appreciate it

Many of us have been blessed with busy and active lives in this process of recovery. Recent Area business has been completed in about 5 hours. Here are some helpful reminders:

· Please keep comments concise and to the point;

· Try not to repeat something you’ve already heard;

· Subcommittee and Admin reports should be informative and brief; and

· It is important that we carefully consider all viewpoints in our decision making processes. Part of sharing is the sharing of time. PLEASE be considerate and refrain from sharing for excessively long periods of time so that everyone who wants to participate has the opportunity to do so.

In Loving Service, Terri, G.O.A.S.C.N.A. Chair