GOASCNA Public Relations Report

ASC Date: 8/13/2017
Meeting Date: 7/28/2017 7:00 PM



Public Relations Subcommittee

GOASCNA Subcommittee Report

(Date)  July 28, 2017           


Meeting: July 28, 2017 7PM          (Date & Time) Location: 150 E. Michigan Street     


Opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer. The 12 Traditions were read.


Members Present: 14 (Number of members present)



v  Sherriff’s Department has distributed Power Point training to all officers as of July 24.

v  Helpline and Website business cards were distributed to 1500 Patrol cars (all six sectors of the County Thursday July 27

o   Cards in all patrol cars

o   Alerted helpline to possible increase in phone calls

§  Helpline is fully staffed with volunteers, not less than 10 people available for each phone line shift

o   Asked HL chair to have the phone carriers request from callers where they found the helpline number; record information to submit to the PR committee to be used in future presentations

v  Pull Tab Action Plan

o   All members were directed to read chapter 4 in the PR Handbook before any pull tab presentations are given

o   Practice presentations to be given during upcoming subcommittee meetings

o   Jeff M. will be the Pull Tab Project Coordinator and will retain all data related to pull tab presentations.

o   In the future home group orientations for pull tab presentation projects will be available

v  Literature Rack for Englewood Community Center – Action Plan?

o   The 8 pamphlet rack will be held off until ASC facilitator reports to ASC about the contract with the Englewood Center

New Business

v  Follow up with Orange County Sherriff

o   Member to check in weekly with the Orange County Sherriff for additional cards or other needs

o   Additional law enforcement agencies will be contacted in the near future to request presentations with goal of helpline card distribution

v  Presentation

o   PowerPoint presentation will be distributed with minutes for member to practice and present at upcoming subcommittee meetings for critique

o   Pairs of members to present at next month’s committee meeting

o   Mark B. to revise Sheriff's presentation for other organizations in order to get the subcommittee prepared for future projects

v  Pete and Mark to follow up with initial meeting at Full Sail University to discuss PSA production

v  QR Code discussed for possible use in venues that will not require restocking or weekly attention; Justin P. and Mark B. will coordinate information for next subcommittee meeting

v  Committee to review PR Handbook (chapter 4) for future PR meetings – Specific topic  for each meeting brought by committee members or chosen by chair

v  Create general script for pull tab, QR and other brief community presentations so new members can practice required information and methods. August subcommittee meeting will require choosing knowledgeable script writers for this project


v  Committee unanimously agreed to nominate Cindy C. for Vice Chair of the subcommittee at the August ASC

v  Subcommittee unanimously elected Liz B. as the secretary of the subcommittee ( We thank Jeff M. for fulfilling the secretary position up to date)

v  Subcommittee unanimously elected Monica E. as the alternate secretary of the subcommittee








In loving service,


 Pete C.           Chair

Pete C

PR Vice Chair