GOASCNA Hospitals and Institutions Report

ASC Date: 3/12/2017
Meeting Date: 2/17/2017 7:05 PM

Members Present: 27

Location: St Stephen Lutheran Curch

Opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer.  The 12 Traditions, clarity statement and H&I purpose were read.

General Report

Good afternoon family! Last month our subcommittee met at our new location of St Stephens Lutheran Church. We had an excellent turnout with 8 new members in attendance. We had several new members express interest in filling open panel leader positions at our facilities, and one returning member taking a position that she was interested in. We also were able to fill the position of Panel Coordinator 2 thanks to another member with both the desire and availability to meet the responsibilities of the position. We also discussed our 2017-2018 budget. Our vice chair Nikki would like to lessen our literature budget down to $300 from our current $350, due to constant overabundance of literature each month and having a rollover, and increase our rent from $20 to $25, in the event that in the future we have another meeting space issue, we have more leniency with our rent options. Our 2017-2018 budget proposal is $4,070, leaving a difference of 540 from our previous annual budget. Our body voted to propose the budget changes. We currently have 23 presentations being brought into 18 facilities, and have 30 open presentations needing filled at 22 facilities. We also discussed printing out flyers to hand out to different meetings for their announcements, or to give out to people personally. We will have a flyer printed out to bring to area next month to have added to the Orlando na website.



Concerns or Needs


Upcoming Events


In Loving Service,
Joey P., Chair