GOASCNA Helpline Report

ASC Date: 1/8/2017
Meeting Date: 12/23/2016 6:02 PM

Members Present:2 Location:2565 E. Kaley Opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer The 12 Traditions were read. General Report:one thing we are strong at is going to home groups that make helpline an attractive way of service however We feel as a subcommitte looking at ways to have more attendance A stronger subcommittee meeeting attendance may bring more creativity and develop future leadership. Concerns or Needs are that we are getting little help from Onebox due to many of the Volunteers/Carriers are having dropped calls ; Also discuss slternatives to Onebox as well like evoice; Going Regionals this week to discuss options to onebox as well as get support ideas from regional Helpline. In Loving Service, Kevin M.