GOASCNA Public Relations Report

ASC Date: 12/11/2016
Meeting Date: 11/28/2016 7:00 PM

Public Relations Subcommittee meeting minutes for November

Meeting held 11/28/16

First Christian Church of Orlando 2565 E. Kaley Orlando

Opened meeting at 7:00 pm with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity prayer, reading of the 12 Concepts and the PR Statement.

4 members present

Read minutes from previous meeting.

We reviewed the task list that Pete provided.

Mark has been working on Power Point Presentation for Sherriff and will send out within the next few days for everyone to review.  Ron M offered us assistance with the Sheriff’s presentation.

Mark also has a school board PPP that we will be able to use as well.

We discussed having one preparation and training presentation each meeting.

Greg and Jeff to go and hang up flyer’s.


Ask Pete to bring up at ASC: Public relations is available to help with contacting contact treatment facilities that are dropping off their clients for meetings if home groups/meetings are having trouble with the behavior of those clients while attending the meetings.  If your homegroup is having trouble with this and need help please contact PR.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:00

Prepared by, Jeff M.


In Loving Service 

Pete C.