GOASCNA Activities Report

ASC Date: 6/12/2016
Meeting Date: 5/14/2016 8:47 AM

Members Present: 5

Location: 5873 Dean Road Orlando. [East Side Recovery]

Opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer.  The 12 Traditions were read.

General Report

Discussed the plans for upcoming events. 
The events that were planned were not coming together, and based on the past experience of putting on evetns in a short time, the group decided to not put those events on. 

The Service Awareness day is required as per the Guidelines. That event will continue. 
The event will take place on July 30th 2016 from 2pm - 6pm 
Location is 9284 2nd Ave in Taft FL. 

The event will be a Taco Night [Pot Luck] Members are encouraged to bring an item[s] to participate in the potluck event since the event is free. 
Area will meet again before the event, meaning the Chair's term will officially be over, however I will fulfill this commitment till the event is over. 



Concerns or Needs


Upcoming Events

July 30th 2016 - Service Awareness Day

In Loving Service,
Maegen P