GOASCNA Webpage Report

ASC Date: 5/1/2016
Meeting Date: 4/11/2016 6:30 PM

Members Present: 3

Location: First Christian Church of Orlando, 2565 E. Kaley Ave., Orlando, FL, 32806

Read 4th concept followed by Serenity prayer.

General Report

Discussion on signing with professional information on GOASCNA emails:

Read over Social Media and Our Guiding Principles pamphlet, and using Online Communication Tools for Service. Will test Google Groups to verify if new members require approval before obtaining permission to see content.

Discussed our role and responsibility concerning 11th tradition and Google groups. Group is in fact, private. Will respond to Area by reading Privacy settings on page 4, Social Media, page 6, Google Groups. Mention signatures being automatically inserted by email clients.

Submitting of requests, categorization discussion (calendar, website, calendar):

Discussed the proper place for members to submit their requests and/or uploads. Eric will discuss with Jack to change 'website request' button to 'other'.

Discussed proper way of posting recent website changes.

Functionality of WordPress on mobile in regards to posting flyers. Determined to be incompatible on Android.

Posted flyers, calendar requested and meeting changes as requested.



Concerns or Needs


2016 Budget

Total Budget - $510.00

Balance - $302.68

Upcoming Events

Next subcommittee meeting 5/2/2016  6:30 First Christian Church of Orlando, 2565 E. Kaley Ave., Orlando, FL, 32806

In Loving Service,

Jack S, Ad-Hoc Chair