GOASCNA Public Relations Report

ASC Date: 4/10/2016
Meeting Date: 3/27/2016 5:00 PM

Members Present: 2 members communicated availability to attend, Chair and the committee nomination for Co-chair (Marcia and Sharon) Other members notified Chair of Easter Sunday family obligations. Church Easter activities also took place at the location. The meeting was cancelled.

Location: Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist 1000 Bethune Dr. Orlando,Fl. 32805


General Report

Sharon attended the Area meeting and her being the comittee nomination for Co-Chair was followed up by Area. Her nomination will require a vote to waiver requirement. The comittee still nominates her, and has another possible trusted servant nominee as well.

Chair has met with superintendent of Orange County Schools, Ron Blocker.  The follow up meeting is being determined by Mr. Blocker. The school presentations will be scheduled accordingly. The Clearmont presentations scheduling information is to be provided to the chair by Rick who has been in contact. The chair has been in communication with two Sr. Correction officers who have relocated from main jail to Genesis. The additional presentation  meeting for additionalstaff is to be communicated to the chair. 


Sharon and Sylvia are being presented to area for Co-Chair and to be shadowing for having trusted servants who want to be in position to become future chair/co-chair

Concerns or Needs

The $25.00 donation voted in February to be provided to the meeting location. They are not charging rent, however in keeping with our tradition to be self supporting a donation will be given monthly.

Upcoming Events

Orange County Drug Free Office Conference in June


Other than for the $25.00 donation being requested this month, there has not been any expenses to date.



In Loving Service, Gratefully
Marcia F.