GOASCNA Parliamentarian II Report

ASC Date: 4/10/2016
Meeting Date: 4/1/2016 1:00 PM
ASC Report
Parliamentarian II
ASC Date: 4/10/2016
• I have to begin with I’m sorry I couldn’t be present today and will not be present next month either. I have spoken to the Chair about these previous engagements. I had prior plans to be out of town both these weekends before I was elected, only one of them I was aware would be a conflict. This will not prevent me from doing the changes and historical digging to preserve our Guidelines.
• I was able to work on the GOASCNA Guidelines this past month in hopes to confirm all the changes that had passed on the ASC floor that made it all the way into the “Policy”. However since I went back 12 months to begin this systematic approach, I began with gathering all the Minutes from all these months. But I was not able to do so as we have had changes in the Secretary’s position March and July from 2015 are not available on the web site. I asked the Chair for his input on some of the difficult to understand issues. There also was not a running changes log to refer to, so this made a grueling exercise of what should have been pretty simple task.
• I have compiled a changes log for all the policy proposals that passed in the past 12 months based on the minutes, also I have reviewed and made, or checked the all the changes to the policy as they required. 
• This research has caused me to believe there may be other changes that have not made it to the policy from previous ASCs. So after I get back to work on this stuff, I will be going back one year at a time until I’m convinced all the policy is correct. 
• Through this process, I have found that the “addressing of these policy proposals” referring to where in the policy these changes are made has been poorly written on the proposals. Please try to do a better job of following the policy concerning this area. (See policy III,D,4,a)
• I also found three different styles of recording proposal numbers in the last 12 month’s minutes. This should not be, it makes the job of anyone going back to look something up very difficult. When I’m present to speak to this issue I will submit a proposal to require a standard of this record so it will be better kept. We can’t rely on people’s memory to communicate these important matters.
In Loving Service,
Terry C., 
Parliamentarian II