GOASCNA Alt. Secretary Report Report

ASC Date: 7/12/2015
Meeting Date: 7/12/2015 9:08 PM

~~Alternate Secretary’s Report


Good Afternoon, Thank you for the recent opportunity to serve this area as Alt. Secretary.  It has definitely been a learning opportunity for me.   It has also been an opportunity to see how glaring some of my defects of character still are and how they can eat me alive if I allow them to. 
I appreciate the opportunity and all of those in this area who helped me in this process and who tried to encourage me and not cut me down as I am new to this area and the way things are here.  Your uplifting encouragement has helped me to really take a look at myself a lot.  That type of spirit is what I lack many times in the midst of trying to learn and it is not gone unnoticed. 
I apologize to anyone who has been offended by my character imbalance lately and by the resending of my nomination for Secretary of Area.  I am working hard to find my way in this area and will continue to work on my attitude and character defects with my Sponsor and support group.
Thanks again for the opportunity and know that I will be serving in my home group with the still suffering addicts. 

In Loving Service,

Laura S.