GOASCNA Alt. Secretary Report

ASC Date: 5/3/2015
Meeting Date: 5/3/2015 1:43 PM

Members Present: 26

Location: Englewood Community Center


Secretary’s Report


Good Afternoon,


First of all, I would like to apologize for the late minutes and the attachments this month and let you know that I will do better soon.  I would also like to thank you again for the opportunity to serve this area.  I look forward to this endeavor together. 


Please let me know if I did not get your report in the minutes or if you have a specific problem you need addressed in the minutes.  Also I would like to know if the GSR reports page is sufficient for you GSR’s as you this body is who we are here to serve.  I would like to know if this page will work as it is or if it needs to be changed for a reason other than just because just because “we have always done it this way.”  The reason for this is because I noticed some items that were repeated on both this report and on the meeting lists. 


Thank you so much.


In Loving Service

In Loving Service,
Your Name,Chair