ASC Date: 12/14/2014
Meeting Date: 11/14/2014 3:01 PM

~~Region Meeting – November 14, 15, 16 Lakeland, Florida.

Fellowship Development – Thanks!
We were allowed to go to an extensive discussion about the concerns from the best practice to co-exist with the area within the geographical confines of our area.
A discussion topic had been converted to a proposal and sent to groups for support. I offered to read the flyer for the Fellowship Literature Conference held in Longwood, Florida on March 20-22, 2014.
Hosted by A Message of Hope at 128 E. Bay Ave. Longwood, Florida 32750. They will discuss their literature projects “Open Participatory Conference Literature Written by Addicts for Addicts” and ‘Come and get involved in writing Literature ’“Just like then You Are the Book You are the Literature” & “Now”. Be part of the miracle just like when the Basic Text was written. Water- Food- Coffee provided. Starting Time March 14, 2014 9AM Ending Time March 16, 2014 7PM
After sharing the information on the floor at fellowship development forum, the following responses were shared from the floor.
o Is the information on the meeting list up to date? Who is accountable party to assure this to be true?
o Is this affecting NA as a whole?
o Are they really part of NA by using “old literature”?
o If they do not participate in area, are they really a member of the area? Why should they be on the meeting list at all?
o What if 5 groups were removed from the meeting list? Will addicts really die or will they just go to another meeting?
o No spiritual concept supports leaving a group or area off our list. At all costs and against personal feelings, leave them on.
o Support of old lit and not respecting FIPT only affects NAWS publishing, not the fellowship as a whole.
o Co-Affiliation with other foundations violates traditions of association with outside entities.
o Information for correctness. Our image is reflected to the public and should be professional.
o Are we violating our 7th tradition by accepting the donation for inclusion on our meeting list from an outside entity? By accepting the contribution is the Greater Orlando Area adopting the beliefs of the donor?
o Strong support to follow our primary purpose; No addict ever need die without hearing our message. To promote the existence of Narcotics Anonymous meetings can never be wrong. The only principle that could allow the removal of a group would be if they became a meeting of another fellowship.
o The situation is actually very unique in the geography components. A continued confusion as to identifying the ultimate solution and what that will actually look like was hard to explain. A simple agreement for conflicting situations and the proper forum to relieve them is suggested. Since the events of both regions are on the same calendar
*Note – FIPT: The old versions of our text are suggested to be still relevant to the message for spiritual concepts, they just contain the raw feeling of non-edited literature that is reflected after editors have reviewed the

The GTFRS meeting: HRP presented an idea for a “Regional Advisor” position for the
Florida Region. Discussion will take place at the next FRSC “Guide” meeting at 4:00 PM. All RCMs are encouraged to attend.
Recommended requirements –
• l Minimum of 15 - 20 years clean time
• l Prior Florida Regional and/or World service within the past 10 years
• l Oversee adherence to the Traditions and Concepts
• l Funding for 6 Regions annual cost $900.00
• l Serve one consecutive 2 year term
• l Assist the Admin Group with planning and implementation of the GSR Assembly and Service Symposium
• l To hold no other position at the Florida Region
• l A member of the FRSC Admin Group
• l Have a voice on the FRSC floor
• l Required to attend both Fellowship Development and Guide meetings on Saturday and FRSC on Sunday
• l Ability to travel legally internationally
• l Time and resources to fulfill the commitment
Open Positions
Positions opening for nominations:
FRSC Alternate Treasurer
FRSC Archivist
FRC BOD Members RSC Elect (3)
FRSO BOD Members RSC Elect (1)
HRP Member (1)

Open letter from Brian M.
Behind the walls Sponsorship Project -  Attached:

Next Regional Meeting:
• The Location for the January FRSC is as follows:
January 16,17,18 2015
Hilton Ocala
3600 SW 36th Avenue
Ocala FL 34474
Room Reservations can be booked using the group name Florida Regional Service Committee – Cutoff Date is JANUARY 03, 2015
Direct Line is 352-854-1400 or the Central Reservations Line 877-602-4023
The Room Rate will be $109.00 per night plus taxes and fees.
Hot breakfast will be $5 for room registered guests
15% discount on Lunch and dinner in the hotel
Rooms can be secured with a Major Credit Card or one room night deposit (ONLY) – Debit Cards will be charged as they are not credit cards

The 2015 Service Symposium is 4 months away
The Service Symposium will have its own website, designed along the lines to the FRCNA website
Florida Region of Narcotics Anonymous
• 2015 Service Symposium
• March 12th-15th, 2015
6th Florida Service Symposium
+ No cost to register for the Symposium.
+ The Banquet, Women in Service Dinner, Box lunches and Zonal Forum Breakfast cost is the responsibility of each individual attending those events.
+ The Florida Region will reimburse its member Areas for four (4) room nites per Area
+ Register prior to February 6, 2015 to receive the room rate.
+ The Florida Region will not reimburse Areas for rooms registered after the February 6, 2015 cut off.
When Thu Mar 12 – Sun Mar 15, 2015
Where Sheraton Tampa East Hotel, 10221 Princess Palm Ave, Tampa, FL 33610, United States (map)