GOASCNA Helpline Report

ASC Date: 7/13/2014
Meeting Date: 6/19/2014 6:15 PM

Location: 2565 E. Kaley Avenue, Orlando, FL

Admins ran late in traffic.

6:15 pm Opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer. The purpose of the helpline was read. Mel requested and received approval from immediate group conscience to waive 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts readings, in order to read from It Works on Tradition One, and full reading on Concept One with intent to focus tone and direction of helpline subcommittee. Mel gave photocopy of readings to members. Upon completion of readings Greg immediately asked that readings be voted on during business, and said that Purpose of the helpline reading was not read. A group conscience had been obtained for those readings, and The Purpose of Helpline reading had already been read. Kevin said that the readings were too

lengthy and too much. Mel explained his intent of Tradition One and Concept One to guide our attitudes and actions in service, and apologized for reading several pages of NA literature at beginning of meeting. All members were given multiple opportunities to voice opinion. Floyd expressed appreciation for the content of Tradition One excerpt and Concept One readings.

Motion stated and died (to read one full concept reading each month, in order, for the next 12 months).

Motion to read one paragraph summary of a concept at beginning of each helpline subcommittee meeting, seconded, passed. Next month will read concept 2. Concept summaries found on last page of service guide.

Last month's minutes read and accepted for binding in secretary binder. Mel gave secretary binder to Kevin M.


We hope that there will be no lapse in helpline support, as annual helpline subcommittee elections are July 17th at 6:00 pm at 2565 E. Kaley Ave., Orlando, FL. Kevin M. has been secretary for a month, and phoneline coordinator, Vice Chair and Chair will be OPEN positions. For "rotation" all positions will be open for nominations and voting.

Subcommittee meeting closed at 7:15pm with circle and serenity prayer.

Thursday June 26th, Helpline Volunteer Orientation held at 128 E. Bay St., for 2 new people, Greg F. and Karl.

 Admins present: Mel, Greg and Kevin. Thank you for everyone for your service and a successful orientation. 

Concerns or Needs

1.) To Organize and orient new Helpline Volunteers.

2.) **Mel posted this on google groups a few weeks ago to keep area informed, "Due to my current worsening medical conditions, I am unable to serve in the full capacity that the helpline chair role would demand in the year to come. Therefore, I regretfully must let you know I am stepping aside and unable to move forward into helpline chair. Things are wrapped up as Vice Chair. This is a 'major decision' that I have carefully considered,  1 / 2ASC Report

Helpline discussed with my sponsor and family. I have prayed about this for many weeks. I am now certain and needed to let you know asap so our fellowship can be aware of the open position in July."

3.) Key to 2565 E. Kaley Ave. in Mike B.'s possession.

4.) Helpline Secretary or AREA Vice Chair (if Hellpline Chair not elected at ASC July 13) needs to facilitate/chair the July 17 helpline business meeting.

Upcoming Events

July 17 6pm helpline elections.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve. WE need to keep the helpline going strong. Things are in place to keep on serving and orienting new helpline volunteers. Call Kevin, Greg or me with any questions.

My apologies for not attending July ASC, as I have a family event to attend.

With Gratitude and Love,

Mel F., Vice Chair