GOASCNA Hospitals and Institutions Report

ASC Date: 7/13/2014
Meeting Date: 6/17/2014 7:09 PM

Members Present: 23

Location: First Christian Church of Orlando, 2565 Kaley Ave., Orlando

Opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer. The 12 Traditions were read.
The H&I purpose was was read. The clarity Statement was read.

General Report: Roll Call, New member introduction, Secretary's report, 10 Orientation members
welcomed, Chairperson report, Lit. Dist. Rpt., Panel Coordinator 1 Rpt., Panel Coordinator 2 Rpt., Panel
Leader Rpts., Facility elections, Old Business, Open Forum, New Business.
Closed at: 8:35 pm with circle up and Serenity Prayer.
Elections: Chair: George - voted in at Area,

 Vice-Chair - Steve declined nomination, Vance voted in by our subcommittee (still needs to
be elected at area);
 Lit. Distibutor - Jenn L. accepted nomination but will let us know for sure next month;
 Secretary - Mary voted in;
 PC 1 - Skinny - absent;
 PC 2 - Amanda - voted in.
Concerns or Needs: Michelle - could use It Works how and Why books.
Upcoming Events

In Loving Service,