ASC Date: 4/13/2014
Meeting Date: 3/15/2014 8:43 AM

Greetings to Greater Orlando Area from your RCM team. The Florida fellowship turned out and we had a very well attended GSR assembly/RSC weekend held here in Orlando.  There was quite a bit of Q&A during Saturday's workshops and some issues with voting but what I am able to report at this time. One that I feel that is important to discuss the the vote of confidence that was a choice on for groups. How the RCM's agreed to define this was  as follows:   for the purposes of the CAR the “vote of confidence” is defined as: the members of the group feel that since the RD/AD team have been involved in the process and often have the most experience strength and hope regarding the topics of discussion as well as possibly the most varied viewpoints because of their contact with many many other RDs and ADs, WB members, NAWS staff, etc… it is best for the RD and AD to cast their ballot for them thereby giving the RD/AD team “their vote of confidence” and allowing the RD and AD to collaborate and discuss and then cast the ballot for those groups.

The actual group votes can be views at http://naflorida.org/groups-vote/. We had 14 groups that voted in our area. 

Old busniess-  

Proposal #02-11-13, FRC By-laws and Policy, Maker: FRC, Inc. Second: RSO

Proposal #02-01-14, Workshop Travel Group, Maker: Fellowship Development, Second: Greater Orlando Area

Proposal #03-01-14, Project Planning Meeting, Maker: Fellowship Development, Second: Greater Orlando Area

Consensus reached all 3 proposals.


Motion #01-01-14 RSC Budget, Maker: Treasurer
To accept the attached proposed budget for fiscal year June1, 2014 thru May 31, 2015.
Intent: To fund the Region for the above listed fiscal year.
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Greater Orlando Area
Date May 16-18,2014
Location:Rosen Shingle Creek Inn 
9939 Universal Blvd. Orlando FL 32819
Reservation Line: (866) 996-6338 
$99 a night - Deadline 4/25/14


In service to the fellowship,

RCM1 and RCM2