GOASCNA Public Relations Report

ASC Date: 1/12/2014
Meeting Date: 12/20/2013 7:00 PM

Members Present: 5

Location: SWOI, 881 N. Hwy 17-92, Longwood 32750

Opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer, 7th Concept and 11th Tradition

General Report


We have received some feedback and further contacts regarding the School Mail Outs. It appears some schools are not utilizing the packets and are referring students to AA instead. Also, many school libriaries do not have any NA books.  We are further investigating the best methods to help schools help their students gain access to us. Mail Outs are proving not to be the most effective and cost effective way. We will continue gaining valuable information from school and school board staff to come up with a viable plan that can be implemented by our ongoing subcommittee.

We had a response from only 3 homegroups concerning Pull Tab Sheet project. Please ensure members who have a willingness have the needed information thus allowing them the opportunity to serve. I am willing to provide printed packets of Pull Tab Sheets for interested members.

Please encourage members to get involved with our PR projects. Thank you!

Elections: None. Vice Chair position OPEN.

Concerns or Needs: Project Coordinators, Presenters, Project Helpers and Vice Chair - GSRs, please announce at your home groups.

Upcoming Events: Next meeting January 24, 2014 @ 7pm. Location:at SWOI, 881 N. Hwy 17-92, Longwood 32750 

In Loving Service,
James W., Chair