ASC Date: 12/8/2013
Meeting Date: 12/8/2013 12:30 AM





December 7, 2013



Greetings from Your RCM team!


First to answer some questions posed on our area floor:

Non Profit Status-The IRS is still running behind 18 months getting the determination letters out but an RSO Boardmember said that they are making progress and are hopeful we will receive the determination soon.


The Statewide Meeting List and state wide helpline. Information from fellowship development: is our latest project and will most likely be staffed with members who have volunteered for this project via the Volunteer Form. These members will be contacted in the next week or two.


Question posed by FRCNA committee: Would the active convention committees and the area consider combining our resources with FRCNA to have better support and a stronger feeling of unity for our upcoming conventions? FRCNA will be in Orlando over the next few convention cycles and will need local support from members in our area.


FRCNA committee also has monies budgeted for a area fundraiser and has volunteered to assist in putting on a activity for the GSR assembly to be held in March at Shingle Creek. More discussion will need to happen on this topic today as we are the host area for the Assembly.

Regional Highlights and FYI’s

The Florida region welcomed Trinidad and Tobago Area to our region. They were represented and excited to be a part of our region! Fellowship Development and the Human Recourses Panel are working together to staff and continue to communicate information from our active workgroups which are Behind the Walls, Statewide meeting list, Disaster Plan, Bridging theGap projects. We have been invited to The Health Addiction Summit on Feb. 27th to March 1st in Orlando so the fellowship development team has secured the booth and will need a local addict to volunteer to work at the booth with Ramon R., our FD PR leader. We currently have 16 Areas using BMLT totaling 519 home groups with 993 meetings.

Four Areas are not using BMLT. Space Coast, Big Bend, Treasure Coast and Bermuda. Saturday afternoons

Roundtable topic discussions were pre-empted to hold a tradition workbook workshop. The format was very interactive and our findings and suggestions will be submitted.



Sheraton Four Points                        850-422-0071
316 West Tennessee Street
Tallahassee FL 32301

Please do not make reservations at this time (12/7/13) as The contract will not be finalized until next week.
The room rate (if we meet our room block) will be $99.00 per night and a credit card or a deposit will be required. There is no mention of mandatory one room night unless a Credit Card is NOT used. Currently the cut-off date is January 02, 2014. Parking is complimentary.

Old Business


New Proposals

#01-11-13 Maker: Fellowship Development

Proposal: To clarify in the Guide to Florida Regional Service (GFRS) the responsibilities and

accountability related to the Bahamas and Bermuda Workshop Travel Group within the scope of current

HRP and Fellowship Development guidelines. This should be considered housekeeping for implementing

Proposal #01-03-13 in which the responsibilities and a single point of accountability should be clearly

defined per Concept 5 along with the authority necessary to fulfill the responsibilities assigned as per

Concept 3.

Strawpole taken on the floor tables this proposal to The Guide.


#02-11-13 Maker: FRC, Inc. Second: RSO

Proposal: Accept FRC, Inc. by-laws and policy as revised and submitted.

Intent: To have a current policy and by-laws from which to operate.

Back to Groups for return vote. (see FRC Report in minutes for Policy and By-Laws)


#03-11-13 Maker: First Coast Area, Second: RSO

Proposal: To allow/permit the ECCNA to include the Florida Region on their website.

Intent: To approve the presents of our region on their website stating we accept their donation of Basic

Texts for our jails and prisons in our region.

Strawpole amendment> Leave things the way they are. Passed with concensus.


#04-11-13 Maker: FRC seconded by RSO

Proposal: To approve the FRC Budget for 2013-1014

Intent: To adhere to our guidelines.

Back to Groups for return vote. (see attached FRC Budget at end of minutes)


RSO Board nominates Mitch S., 2nd by Palm Coast Area

no other nominations, motion to close nominations seconded

Mitch gave qualifications

paper ballots, Mitch S. ELECTED

Open Positions

The following positions are open:

2 HRP - 8 years clean time

IT Resource Coordinator - 6 years clean


GSR Assembly -March 15, 2014

Rosen Shingle Creek

9939 Universal Blvd

Orlando FL 32819


In love and unity for our fellowship,

Jeni HT