GOASCNA Webpage Report

ASC Date: 7/14/2013
Meeting Date: 6/11/2013 6:30 PM

Members Present: 4

Location: 215 N. Oxford Road, Casselberry, FL  32707

Meeting opened with Serenity Prayer

Read the 4th Concept

Minutes of previous meeting were unanimously accepted

General Report

- The NA Birthdays are now automated. You can subscribe and unsubscribe to the birthday mailing list.

- A new Service Structure page has been added to the website.  The link is located under the "Greater Orlando Area" on the right hand side of the homepage.  The link is call GSU/LSU Information. More documents and information will be added to this page.


- Greater Orlando Area website members:


After the ASC on 7/14/13 there will not be a Chair or Vice Chair of Webpage.  The subcommittee is going to meet on Tuesday July 16th.  More will be revealed going forward.



Concerns or Needs:

Chair, Vice Chair and members needed

Upcoming Events:  

Next Webpage Subcommittee: Tues. 7/16/13 - 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Jean Rhein Central Branch Library, 215 N. Oxford Road, Casselberry, FL  32707

In Loving Service,
Anne H, Chair