GOASCNA Hospitals and Institutions Report

ASC Date: 6/9/2013
Meeting Date: 5/21/2013 7:00 PM

Members Present: 19

Location: First Christian Church

Opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer.  The 12 Traditions were read.  The H&I purpose was read.

General Report

The H&I adhoc committee met two times since the last Area meeting.  The six proposals were presented to the H&I subcommittee meeting and will be proposed today at Area.  They are:

Proposal 1

To change GOASCNA Guidelines “ IX Hospitals and institutions L. (Chair persons responsibilities) 1. (to read :)

d) Responsible for providing and/or delegating the responsibility to provide all necessary forms for all subcommittee meetings.

e) If the H&I Subcommittee Chairperson misses two consecutive H&I Subcommittee meetings, a recommendation for removal from office may be presented from the H&I Subcommittee at the next GOASCNA meeting.

f) Will submit a written report for excused absences from Panel Leaders (for archival purposes).

g) Must not have any previous convictions of sexual offences on minors.

Proposal 2

To change GOASCNA Guidelines “ IX Hospitals and institutions E. 1. (to read :) Only Narcotics Anonymous approved literature, tapes and CD's approved for sale by WSO, Reaching Out, and the N.A. Way magazines may be taken into a facility by members of the H&I Subcommittee.  Literature or any of these other items will be stamped appropriately and distributed by the Literature Distributor, as set forth under the qualifications and responsibilities.

Proposal 3

To change GOASCNA Guidelines “ IX Hospitals and institutions L. 4. (to read :)

4. Literature Distributor

 a) A 12 month commitment.

 b) A minimum of one year of continuous abstinence from all drugs.

c) An understanding of the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, and 12 Concepts.

d) Elected by the H&I Subcommittee.

e) Minimal accounting skills.

 f) Keep an accurate log of incoming and outgoing literature.

 g) Make a report at each H&I Subcommittee meeting.

 h) Missing two H&I Subcommittee meetings in a row unexcused will constitute immediate removal from that position. Absences may be excused by Chair.

 i) Will submit a yearly budget (in May) to H&I Chairperson.

 j) Must attend 2 consecutive sub-committee meetings prior to being elected.

K) Order H&I literature at Area. Ensure that it is picked up monthly and distributed at the subcommittee meeting.

l) Fill literature orders based on current policy, and keep a minimum of three panel leader starter kits on hand.

m) Train a successor to the literature distributer position, if applicable.

Proposal 4

To change GOASCNA Guidelines “ IX Hospitals and institutions L. (Secretary responsibilities) 3. (to read :)

h) Keep an updated speaker list for use by panel leaders. (was previously called a chase list)

In addition to these proposals a Literature order quantity policy was created. All IP’s are limited to a maximum of 5 of each, per panel leader. Exception to this is when two panel leaders split the commitment. In these situations, a maximum of 6 of each IP will be distributed to the panel leaders, to divide between them. The “In Times of Illness” IP will only be given out by individual requests of recipients of an H&I presentation.

The second topic discussed was “Appointed positions”.

Consensus was reached on the following proposal to be presented at the Subcommittee:

Proposal 5

To change GOASCNA Guidelines “ IX Hospitals and institutions K. 1. (to read :)

1. No single individual can hold more than one administrative position at one time.  As necessary, individuals may be appointed, by the Chairperson in agreement with the Vice Chairperson, to administrative positions that fulfill a particular need.

The third topic was discussed was “Regions attendance by the Chair / Vice chair”

Consensus was reached on the following proposal to be presented at the Subcommittee:

Proposal 6

To change GOASCNA Guidelines “ IX Hospitals and institutions L. (Chair and Vice Chair requirements) 1 & 2. (to read :)

a)      Active participation in the H&I Subcommittee, and GOASCNA. (removed RSC H&I Subcommittee)


The subcommittee nominated George as our incoming vice-chair and MaryAnn as Literature Distributor.  Thank you Ron for all your hard work over the past two years.  Congratulations to George and MaryAnn for stepping up!  We are still in need of a Secretary and two Panel Coordinators. 

Another member was elected to facilitate a presentation at the detox facility on Gore Street and, there were no missed meetings this month reported to the panel coordinator.  Thank you to all of our members for their continued service.

Concerns or Needs

We still have approximately 11 presentations to be filled in mainly clearance facilities.  If anyone has any interest, please come to the subcommittee meeting.  Thank you!

Upcoming Events

The next H&I subcommittee meets on June 18 at 7:00 p.m., at First Christian Church on Kaley in Orlando.  Orientation begins at 6:30 pm. 

In Loving Service,
Richard A., Chair
Lisa R., Vice-Chair