GOASCNA Helpline Report

ASC Date: 4/14/2013
Meeting Date: 3/21/2013 6:00 PM

Members Present: 6

Location: 2565 Kaley First Christian Church of Orlando

Opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer.  The 12 Traditions were read.

General Report -reports were read and excepted with the necessary corrections if need be, the meeting went well first and foremost emergency

contacts were established just in case a vital situation occur preperation was indicated and exchange of information was pertinent personal

cell phones and emails were exchanged, a carrier cell phone died it then was therefore transferred to his personal, a panel coordinator was elected,

information on position detail will be submitted to carriers next subcommitte meeting. 2324 minutes were used for the Helpline during the month

of March Inbound 1138 English, 52 Spanish-Outbound 934 English, 54 spanish to total 2324 also 98 messages, 16 emails, 75 voicemail, 0 recorded

text messages 7 there are 4000 minutes offered per month. Onebox is doing a fine job for the Helpline. We also discussed the 12th step list

and circulation due to valuable information it will not be posted on the website. Learning Day is fastly approaching preparation for the Helpline

is in order, another matter to contend with was the updating of Regional numbers the task has been assigned hopefully we can get that done

accordingly, last but least subcommitte support is improving and usage of budget will go into effect as i write this information for the G.S.R,s

of the Greater Orlando Area Thank You next Helpline Subcommitte meeting 2565 Kaley, April 18th 6:00 pm First Christian Church of Orlando. 

Report text

Elections-Panel Coordinator


Concerns or Needs


Upcoming Events


In Loving Service, Demetrius G