GOASCNA Helpline Report

ASC Date: 12/9/2012
Meeting Date: 11/15/2012 6:00 PM

Members Present: 3

Location: 2565 Kaley First Christain Church of Orlando.

Opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer.  The 12 Traditions were read. and the Helpline purpose!

General Report : We went over reports, they were excepted with the necessary corrections. The Helpline has 14 cell phones 6 purchase by area, 8 given

by donation. at present 2 of those phones are being used! Durning the meeting a suggestion was given about contacting activities for a fundraiser? To enhance 

Attraction and to update materials(binders, cell phones, and charges). Were also in the process of updating the 12 step list- Men & Women . The Helpline also

has 9 chargers and six manuals which have maps, and other pertinent information concerning the Helpline activities. at present 4 helpline phones are not being 

used, partially due aging and carriers feel comfortable using there own personal call phones. I also recieved messages through my email from the web site

awesome and they were returned and answered swiftly, other than that the Helpline is truly a Beautiful Thing.

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In Loving Service,
Your Name,Chair Demetrius G