GOASCNA Hospitals and Institutions Report

ASC Date: 9/9/2012
Meeting Date: 9/18/2012 4:31 AM

Members Present:34

Location: 2565 E kaley ave First Christin Church of Orlando In the Gynasium

Opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer.  The 12 Traditions were read.H and Purpose was read and the Clarity Statement was read

General Repot:

In The Month of August we had 30 voting members and 4 new members in attendance. we are currently taking taking presentations into 24 facilities and

have 11 open facilities. We are currently going ahead with a Behind The Walls/Facilities in our area/ book drive and would like cooperation from Home Groups

To Place Boxes and maybe a donate can at special events. These books will go to the Behind the walls meetings and needy facilities in our area. We are

adding new faciities every month we added one more facility in the month of Aug and are in the process of qualifing two more facilities this month.

Orientation will be given at 6:30 prior to the regular subcommittee meeting,Please come out and join us on the 3rd Tuesday of the month 


Elections:We are in need of a panell coordinator 2


Concerns or Needs:

We are in need of Panel Leaders In Clearence facilities and are always in need of panel members

Upcoming Events


In Loving Service,
Brian H,Chair