GOASCNA Chair Report

ASC Date: 4/8/2012
Meeting Date: 4/7/2012 3:48 PM

Welcome to all new and returning Greater Orlando Area Members. We're glad your here....
Keep coming back we need you!
A reminder about next month Area will be May 6th , as per our Policy.."The Greater Orlando
Area Service Committee meeting for every May will be on the 1st Sunday of the Month"
We are moving along with our CBDM business procedures and will start with the "Group Service Unit",
which is part of the new Propased Service Structure...
Our agenda is to.... "Support our Groups, so they can fulfill our primary 
purpose and improve the utilization of both financial and human resources.  What can we do to 
attract more members to experience the rewards of service? Is every voice heard? Does every 
trusted servant get to participate in our decision making processes? Can we provide more effective
services on behalf of our Groups and what could be done to improve our reputation as a viable
program of recovery?"
Please join us at our monthly Local Service Structure ADHOC meeting next week.

In Loving Service,
Richard A, Chair,
Terry C., Vice-Chair