GOASCNA Celebration of Unity Report

ASC Date: 3/13/2011
Meeting Date: 3/6/2011 7:00 PM

Members Present: 15

Location: Reeves United Methodist Church

Opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer.  The 12 Traditions & 12 Concepts were read.

General Report

Programming Committee will be sending out fliers for Speakers soon. A Hotel for the convention will be selected by April. We have received a few logos that have been submitted that the Committee will be using. Don't forget the Celebratiion of Unity Convention 30, will be held May 25th-27th, 2012.


Marathon Char

Concerns or Needs

We have not seen a lot of people  Registering for the Convention. Reg is $15.

Upcoming Events

Please come out and support the Gong Show on March 18th (Friday Night). It is a Fundraiser for the Convention. We need your support

In Loving Service,
Steve G, Chair
Matty W, Vice Chair