GOASCNA Activities Report

ASC Date: 11/14/2010
Meeting Date: 10/26/2010 7:00 PM

Members Present: 5

Location: Reeves Methodist Church - 1100 N Ferncreek Rd

Opened with serenity prayer.  Reading of the Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts of Narcotics Anonymous

General Report

We will put in the notes on budgets or on motion sheet if there will or will not be a meeting at the event.

We discussed New Years Eve theme and decorations. Don is to make flyers. Whitney will keep pot luck Sign up sheet. The DJ who had committed backed out so we are looking for a DJ. So if you have any ideas please let us know ASAP!!!!

Talked a little more about the camp out in March. Rickey is to make the flyer.

Susan will submit budget for Area Celebration this month. Whitney will host game show.

Will submit motion for movie and dinner night in December. Dinner at Sweet Tomatoes and movie at Touch Star Theater next door on E Colonial Dr. in Colonial Promenade.

Closed at 8:00 pm with a moment of silence followed by the Third Step Prayer



Concerns or Needs


Upcoming Events

New Years Eve!!!! Next Activities Meeting will be Tuesday 11/23/10 7pm at the Reeves United Methodist Church at 1100 Ferncreek Ave Orlando, Fl 32803


It’s all for fun in recovery!
Susan Addict, Activities Chair